I was trained on Gratz and have used other kinds of equipment but you have no way of knowing what the result will be. Gratz consistently delivers the results you promise to your clients.

- Jane Allan
Owner & Level IV Instructor Pilates with Jane

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South Barrington, IL

Our fully equipped studio features top of the line Gratz apparatus. We opened in 2007 and are located in the Northwest suburb of Chicago called “Barrington”. Some studio perks include outdoor classes when weather permits & a licensed and registered dietician to help achieve healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

Vöcklabruck, Austria

Welcome to Pilates Indira, a fully equipped studio located in the picturesque region of Austria. Nestled in the heart of this beautiful area, our studioprovides a serene and inspiring environment for your Pilates journey.

West Hollywood, CA

Discover the complete benefits of a joint-friendly workout at Minicucci Pilates! Our boutique studio specializes in personalized Pilates experiences tailored to your unique needs. Choose between small group reformer classes or one-on-one sessions, available both in-studio and at-home for your convenience. At Minicucci Pilates, we believe exercise should be enjoyable and stress-free.

Southport, UK

Pilates Works is a dedicated Classical Pilates studio located in Birkdale, Southport, just north of Liverpool in the UK. The studio opened in February 2019 and remains the only tower studio within a 50-mile radius. Our youngest client is 13 years old and has used Pilates to secure her place in ballet school. Our oldest client is 90 years old, and she uses Pilates to maintain her gardening activities and enjoy life.

Englewood, Florida

 Palm Pilates Studio is a small yet growing studio in the charming Old Florida village - Englewood. A Gulf Side boating and  fishing town that attracts people seeking a low-key, relaxing vibe. Palm Pilates offers private lessons and group mat classes.  The studio is located on historic Dearborn Street. Dearborn Street was the birthplace of many "firsts" in the area.

Warsaw, Poland

Pure Pilates Warsaw is a boutique Pilates studio located in the heart of Warsaw, Poland, yet in a green and quiet part of the city. Opened in June 2020, it is fully equipped with Gratz apparatus and offers its clients individual sessions and Wall Unit duets in its "pure" form. All teachers are Romana's Pilates certified and trained in the Pilates Studio in the Hague, Holland.


Oslo, Norway

Ren Pilates was openend in 2009 by Ann-Elisabeth Solberg. Her expertice lies in a solid understanding of and education in The Pilates Method. Her studio is a fully equipped classical studio with Gratz equipement. The studio offers independent group workouts and privates.

Annapolis, Maryland

Like the City of Annapolis, the studio is charming and honors it’s history. Historic black and white photos of Joe Pilates and the 1st generation hang on the walls. The color of the walls match the color of the upholstery “surf”. The floors match the upholstery color “gunmetal”. This blending and color scheme help the studio feel calm and spa like. There are subtle personal touches. Stefanie’s love for the ocean flows into the studio with oyster shells tying in the maritime theme. She named the studio Chesapeake Pilates Center after her beloved

Irvine, Ayrshire
The Pilates Room is a Classical Pilates studio located in the town of Irvine, Ayrshire, on the beautiful West coast of Scotland. Although the original Pilates Room opened its doors several years ago, in July 2022 the studio relocated to one of the town’s most historic buildings. Sovereign House, or Irvine Royal Academy as it was then, was officially opened in December 1901 and children from the local area were educated there until 1993 when the school finally closed.

Chicago, IL

Pilates Advantage is in Chicago between the neighborhoods of Lakeview and Buena Park. With high ceiling it is a spacious, light filled and fully Gratz equipped Pilates studio. The studio open in late November 2019, just in time for the Covid shutdown. Thanks to our loyal clients, our re-opening was meet with great energy and renewed commitment to the Pilates method.

Peachtree City, GA

ProperPilates Studio is a dedicated and Authentic ClassicalPilates Studio located in Peachtree City, GA. Its creation was inspiredin late 2016 and built in less than three months time. Our doors openedin January 2017 and we continue to grow despite the hardships manystudios suffered during the pandemic in 2021. We offer small groupclasses and private sessions.

Sept 2022: Inertia6 Pilates

Bellevue, Washington

Inertia6 opened in Bellevue Washington in 2018. The objective andbelief of Inertia6 can be summed up in our slogan: A Body In MotionStays In Motion. So many of us suffer restrictions, pain, and loss offunction all relating to lack of mobility and strength. Our aim is tokeep you healthy and doing what you love by creating a program centeredaround your body and your goals.

Long Beach, California

Our mission at Axis is to provide the highest quality training andenvironment for the practice of Classical Pilates. We are partners withour clients, assisting them to achieve their health and fitness goalsfor a lifetime. We are committed to the integrity of Joseph Pilates’method, and guide our clients to practice as the creator intended.Staying as close to the original teachings gives maximum results.

Portland, OR

Studio Adrienne brought Classic Pilates to Portland in 1997 and thisyear celebrates its 25th anniversary. Over the years the studio hasevolved from a larger facility and training center to a more intimateprivate space offering one on one personalized instruction and therapyas well as small group sessions...

Darien, CT

 Our studio is just an hour’s train ride from Manhattan in the small town of Darien on Connecticut’s Gold Coast. Tucked away in a park-like setting, our intimate space offers floor-to- ceiling windows with panoramic views of nature and an abundance of sunlight. We’ve created a unique and special place where our clients feel welcomed and inspired to learn about their bodies and feel empowered to go beyond their limits.

Santa Monica, CA

Phoenix Classical Pilates is a boutique Pilates studio in the heart of Santa Monica, CA. Rooted in the classical Pilates method, we offer private and small group classes that let our clients experience the full Pilates system as intended by its creator, Joseph Pilates. The studio is warm, cozy and inviting with exposed brick walls and carefully curated Gratz equipment

London, UK

In the heart of London in leafy Battersea, on the river Thames. A light and airy rooftop conservatory space with outside deck where we like to grow fruits and veggies for all to share.  A rare find. Clients love the light and connectedness to the elements. Pi was one of the first classical studios in London, we opened in 2003. The name Pi emmerged out of the book ‘the life of Pi’ Yann Martel, a story of courage and resilience.

Ramat HaSharon, Israel

 Pilates House is a safe and welcoming space that accommodates Pilates practitioners of all levels, ages and body types. We offer private and semi-private classes and enjoy a wonderful and inspiring group of clients from all walks of life. Being the first studio to host Romana's Pilates certification program in Israel, we try to stay as accurate to Joe, Clara and Romana's intention as we can.

Atlanta, Georgia

The Atlanta Pilates Studio is an intimate, boutique studio located in Upper West Midtown, just minutes away from downtown Atlanta, Buckhead, Atlantic Station, and is located on the Atlanta Beltline trail. Nestled within a warehouse district, the studio offers natural lighting, high ceilings, and a high-level of privacy.

Santa Barbara, California

ATWILL PILATES is a GRATZ equipped studio located in sunny downtown Santa Barbara, California. We are  a team of passionate teachers committed to the original work of Joseph Pilates. Our personalized instruction looks to heal and transform our clients bodies on their journey to optimal wellness. ATWILL PILATES was created with the vision of having a wellness space that offered gold standard training in an ambience that is lively and fun.

London, UK

Exhale Pilates London has grown into one of the UK’s most well-known and loved Pilates brands. Dedicated in teaching Classical Pilates, the true works of Joseph Pilates, Exhale provides expertly taught small group classes and private sessions in two beautiful, welcoming and friendly boutique studios in London’s Primrose Hill and North Finchley, which sits above a boxing gym.

Portland, OR

Urban Pilates is a fully equipped Gratz studio teaching in the authentic, classical Pilates method. Located in the Alberta Arts district in Northeast Portland, Oregon, we offer Authentic Classical Pilates, using only Gratz equipment.

Nashville, TN

Willow has been helping clients build longer, stronger, healthier bodies since 1999. We offer a unique blend of personal training and group fitness classes designed around the core principles of Pilates that offer safe, highly effective, and never boring fitness options for all fitness levels.

Hong Kong

Based on the vision to create Hong Kong’s first “Home of Intelligent Movement,” Flex opened in 2005. The studio pioneered the integration of mind-body disciplines in HK, offering a combination of Pilates and yoga suitable for all demographics, with two successful locations operating in both the south side, and Central Business District.

New York City, NY

The Pilates Movement opened in NYC on the Upper East Side in 2006. We provide high quality training in The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. It is a place where teachers feel nurtured and grow and students feel that the teachers are present, create programs for them specifically and truly are invested in their growth.


Zurich, Switzerland

The Unopilates Zurich studio is an urban Pilates Studio located in the heart of Zurich West, just steps from the river and 10 minutes from downtown. The studio is fully equipped with Gratz Euipment. With more than 15 years of experience, Miguel Silva and Dominique Bandi opened the Unopilates Studio Zurich in 2019 where they offer private sessions and the Unopilates Teacher Training Program (

Westport, Connecticut

I like to think of our studio as a Classical oasis in a sea of fitness establishments. 15 years strong, Westport Pilates has gone through so much growth and change to arrive where we are today- a fully equipped Gratz Pilates studio! I believe Gratz equipment represents the world of classical Pilates and the dream of both Joseph Pilates and Romana. It is our mission to carry this work on as purely as possible and this could not be done on any other equipment.

Stuttgart, Germany

Thousands of shoppers flock to Koenigstrasse, Stuttgart’s bustling pedestrian street that’s nearly a mile long. Despite being entirely free of cars, the popular boulevard can get pretty noisy. But just around a corner and up a flight of stairs, Contrology Pilates Studio offers an airy and quiet oasis of clarity.  Women, men and teens appreciate the personal and welcoming atmosphere created by Amanda Diatta and her dedicated team. The spacious, light rooms are fully appointed with GRATZ equipment.

Port Jefferson, NY

AMP is located in the historic Long Island town of Port Jefferson. We are a small studio space that allows for a great personal experience. We are proud to offer authentic Pilates to our community both in-person and online. We feel that it is our responsibility to organize community outreach programs to educate the public about the history and legacy of Pilates Method. We host lectures and classes at our local libraries and institutions, and have recently joined with Providence Pilates and Prospire app as co-producers of the Pilatesology Book Club.

Seoul, South Korea

We welcome everyone who wants to workout and learn Pilates with a big smile. We are a fully Gratz-equipped studio. We have Private, Duet, and Trio lessons, and Group Mat lessons. We hope to increase your strength and provide joy and happiness in your life with Pilates.

San Rafael, California

The Studio Marin is founded by Carolyn Coombs and Sarah Hester. The Studio is located in the West End Village in San Rafael, California (about 25 minutes north from San Francisco). The Studio opened to the San Rafael community on October 28th 2019. It was an eventful opening week, as the county was in the midst of a power black out due to the raging wildfires north of Marin County! Thankfully, Pilates requires no electricity!

Tallinn, Estonia

At Body by Peter we believe in a holistic approach to Pilates training incorporating Mind, Body and Spirit. The Studio offers a “Scared Space” where the client can come and feel completely comfortable and at ease escaping the outside world. We offer a relaxing Lounge area, a fully stocked kitchen, a large private changing area with Dry Sauna and all complementary Facial hygiene and cleansing products.

Rome, Italy

 The New York Pilates Studio in Rome is an exclusive private studio teaching one-on-one clients and duets, conveniently located in the city center near the Vatican area.

Athens, Greece

Established in 2007, KINAESTHESIS Mind Body Practices is a fully equipped Classical Pilates studio that also offers Gyrotonic® and Yoga lessons. It is a big, beautiful and airy space laid out over two floors: the lower level is intended for the group classes and the top for private sessions. KINAESTHESIS comes from the Greek words kinesis (movement) and aesthesis (feeling), literally meaning "movement feeling".

Greenwich, London

My studio is located next to Greenwich Park in a beautiful, green part of London. Although I’m originally from Brazil, London is easy to call home after living in Rio, New York, and LA. I opened Alexandra Bohlinger Pilates soon after moving to England from California in 2013. My studio is spacious, bright, and welcoming, and is the only Classical Pilates studio in South East London fully equipped with Gratz.

Clapham, London

Located in Clapham, London, Nathalie Clough Pilates is an exclusive,private studio teaching one to one clients and duets. Staying true tothe method of Joseph Pilates and teaching clients the knowledge to takeownership of and responsibility for their own bodies is integral to theethos of the studio.

Charlotte, NC

GRATZ was the singular catalystto the resurgence and expansion of ABsolute Pilates in Charlotte, NC,after our association as an accredited training center for acontemporary Pilates method came to an abrupt end after 10 years.

Valencia, Spain

This smart studio is owned and managed by Veronica Ruiz. Located in thehistoric center of the city of light, Valencia, it is a studiosurrounded by art very close to the National Ceramic Museum. PilatesAmbassador Studio maintains the essence of authentic Pilates.

Wixom, Michigan

Classic Pilates Center opened in February of 2017 from 2 instructors with a shared passion for classical Pilates. Originally located in Wixom, Michigan, where there weren’t many classical studios let alone those with Gratz equipment, the studio focuses on small groups and private lessons to inform clients of the full benefits of healthy and functional movement through Pilates.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Before buying my first Gratz Reformer, I was training for my teaching training program in modern apparatus. It was literally impossible to find the correct combination to gauge the springs for optimal body resistance or the length of the straps to suit my legs/feet shape. Mini Barrel exercises would just kill my back instead of supporting it.

Apr 2020: Pilatecnic Contrology

Sevilla, España

We are located in the city of Seville, in the neighbourhood of Triana close to the city center. Pilatecnic Contrology Studio is a temple to contrology: your body and spirit! We have created a pleasant space to take care of yourself and to take refuge from the haste of the working life.We believe in Joseph’s original method. Our studio is focused on personal sessions; however, we also believe that Joseph wanted to spread Contrology among every social class, so that is why we also offer group sessions.

Boise, Idaho

From its opening over 18 years ago, Pilates Body Shaping has only ever housed Gratz equipment. Initially, the studio started with 1 Reformer, 1 Cadillac, a High Chair/Wunda combo, and a Ladder Barrel. We have now grown to house 4 Reformers, 2 Cadillacs, 7 Studio Wall Units with High Mats, a Wunda chair, and several other necessary pieces of Gratz equipment, with more on the way!

Charlotte, North Carolina

From its opening over 18 years ago, Pilates Body Shaping has only ever housed Gratz equipment. Initially, the studio started with 1 Reformer, 1 Cadillac, a High Chair/Wunda combo, and a Ladder Barrel. We have now grown to house 4 Reformers, 2 Cadillacs, 7 Studio Wall Units with High Mats, a Wunda chair, and several other necessary pieces of Gratz equipment, with more on the way!

San Diego, California

Angie’s Pilates Haus opened for business in 2017, a home studio in sunny San Diego overlooking the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean. The studio was an instant success and quickly grew out of Angies home and moved into a commercial space in 2018. The central Hillcrest location in San Diego allows Angie’s Pilates Haus the opportunity for more teachers in San Diego access to a Professional Gratz Pilates studio for their practice and to teach their clients.

Moscow, Russia

Situated in a calm place with romantic name Clean Ponds in the center of Moscow, Mind Body Studio is your own place for retrieving your mind, body and soul lost in a hurry of big city life. Every part of our sunny and cozy studio invites to be alone with your emotions, feelings, desires and capabilities. And that atmosphere creates cool, calm, collected, strong but still flexible way of life style.

Moscow, Russia

Let's Do Pilates is a multifunctional, premium-friendly studio located at the westside of Moscow, Russia. The quiet and inspirational space opened in September 2018 and introduced Moscow citizens to real Pilates. The entire area of the fitness boutique is about 230 sq.m. The studio is divided into 5 training zones: cardio, free weight, TRX space, Gyrotonic class, and a Pilates zone equipped with authentic Gratz equipment.

McLean, Virginia

Excel Pilates Northern Virginia first opened in 2010 as The Pilates Center at The Madeira School. At that time, the studio existed in a 400 square foot basement space on the campus of an all-girls school located just outside Washington DC. Thanks to Gratz’s Space Planning Assistance, we were able to fit perfectly 2 Reformers, a Cadillac, a Wall Unit, a Wunda/Electric Chair Combo, a Ladder Barrel, a PediPole, a Spine Corrector and a Small Barrel in the limited space.

Sandy Springs, Georgia

Conveniently nested in North Sandy Springs, GA, the small and cozy Rebellious studio is a tranquil oasis where clients destress and take time to devote to themselves only. Private, clean and well lighted, the inviting Rebellious studio attracts those on a healing and/ or transformational journey for body, mind and spirit.

Geneva, Switzerland

Michaela Bendrihem is the owner and founder of MB Studio Pilates in Geneva, Switzerland. She believes in the importance of having a place where THE WORK will be respected and highlighted. To achieve the highest level in the workout, and adhering to the strict rules of Pilates, no other brand of equipment could tie in, except Gratz.

New Brunswick, Canada

At Precision Pilates we believe strongly in Joseph Pilates' original teaching. Precision Pilates exclusively offers the Authentic Pilates Method. We are the only fully equipped Authentic Pilates studio east of Montreal. Our Senior teachers offer a minimum of 1200 hours of teacher training, while our teachers have more than 800 hours of training each.

Birmingham, Michigan

The PILATES METHOD is the only Metro Detroit area studio dedicated to teaching classical Pilates. The Pilates Method is a clean, modern space fully equipped with Gratz only apparatus. Our studio is warm and light filled and during our cold Michigan winters, we can warm up by our fireplace.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Located in the heart of South Florida, Pure Pilates is a classical Pilates studio dedicated to providing the highest quality instruction to their local clientele. Founded in 2006 by Karen Winselmann, Pure Pilates has been operating out of its current Fort Lauderdale location since 2012.

St Louis, Missouri

Mary Peacock has two entities to her Brick & Mortar business known as “The Pilates and Yoga Center of Lake St Louis” and her traveling instructor piece known as “Evolve Pilates 365”. The B&M offers a picturesque view of Lake St. Louis with top of the line equipment manufactured by Gratz Industries.

Rancho Cucamonga, California

A Pilates studio located in Rancho Cucamonga focused on achieving more than a workout. Body Redefined Pilates will help you redefine your body and movement and change the quality of your workout inside and out. You will receive a...

Busan, Korea

Studio :Define first opened it's doors in Busan, South Korea in 2013, we were the first fully equipped Gratz studio in the city. The studio offers private, semi-private and group classes, hosting of visiting international pilates masters and...

Atlanta, Georgia

Body Central opened its doors as Atlanta’s premier Pilates studio in 1997. Located in the heart of Buckhead, Body Central Pilates Studio encompasses a 5000 square foot loft style space with many windows producing natural light, vaulted ceilings needed for...

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

With over thirty years of client focused instruction and teacher training, Noam Gagnon is the owner and creator of, as well as the driving force, behind Beyond Pilates. Noam's many years of experience in the Pilates Method, dance performing, teaching movement and...

Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Studio - True Pilates Virginia Beach is a Romana's Pilates certified studio, conveniently located near the Hilltop area of Virginia Beach! We offer the highest quality of instruction. In addition, our studio is the only certification center in...

Valley Village, California

The studio is nestled in a private quaint area, providing the one on one attention Carrie prides herself on giving each and every client. The mission: Have Fun and Work Hard! And yes, BOTH are had in each and every session you have at Russo Pilates...

West Hollywood, California

Cotrone Pilates is a classical Pilates studio that caters to the individual’s health and fitness needs. Cotrone Pilates doors opened in the Fall of 2013, by Sam and Susannah Cotrone who are both classically trained ballet dancers that were looking to...

Edmonds, Washington

The Workshop is the second studio for Katie Kahumoku. She owned and taught at Pilates in the Village from early 2006 to late 2016. The last few years at PITV, the goal of a wellness center with Pilates as the main component became clear and so The Workshop was born in 2016...

Southsea, Portsmouth UK

Everybody Pilates opened its doors in 2009 in a small location in Southsea, Portsmouth UK. It soon grew into a vibrant and fun place to practice Classical Pilates. In 2017 with our new Gratz Pilates Equipment in tow we moved to our fabulous new studio...

Tel-Aviv, Israel

“I was using Gratz equipment for the first time when I really got it. My mentor, Kathi Ross-Nash, always said that the equipment was made for the work, not the other way around, and once I got on a Gratz Reformer I realised what that truly meant...."

Houston, Texas

WAPilates was opened by Hilary Opheim in 2005 and is located near downtown Houston, Texas in the Washington Avenue Arts District. It is the first Pilates studio in Houston to be a fully equipped Gratz studio. The studio is 3,100 sq. ft and...

Boston, Massachusetts

True Pilates Boston opened in December 2016 in a historic former mill building on the banks of the Charles River in Newton, MA. The spacious and sunny studio features a full complement of Gratz apparatus and specializes in...

Rome, Italy

Set in the heart of Rome, Gaia Pilates Roma is a boutique Pilates studio near the Botanical Garden, in the ancient Trastevere neighborhood. Gaia Pilates Roma is devoted to offering the very best standard of Classical Pilates...

San Diego, California

Ritual is located in a historic theater building in downtown San Diego. It has tall ceilings, marble, subway tile, ornate staircases, velvet-lined elevators, and great light. It’s a busy building in a bustling city center. The studio itself is intimate and tucked away on...

Roswell, Georgia

Dana Jones and I are currently the instructors on staff. We strive to make our studio a reflection of our community as we are all small buisness owners who make an effort to support each other. Our clients come from many...

Barcelona, Spain

The studio is the SOUL. It is the place where you can isolate yourself, withdraw from the outside world, from your worries and obligations, the place where your body/mind connection is encouraged. We are located in the city of Barcelona, in the neighbourhood of Sant-Gervasi, which is...

Rome, Italy

Nicoletta Ciardo graduated from Italy’s College of Physical Education (ISEF) majoring in Kinesiology in addition to being an athlete, swimmer and gym instructor. She fell in love with Pilates in London in 2000 and studied with Jay Grimes, one of Joe Pilates’ closest collaborators at the...

Innsbruck, Austria

We like to see our studio as a meeting place of good energy. Our goal after every lesson is to have our client to leave happier than they walked in, like Joe always wished. We are working hard everyday to achieve our smallest goals, but I think that’s exactly the spirit of our small studio...

Metairie, Louisiana

Preserving the lineage of Joe Pilate’s original teachings is one of the things that inspires Alix, and her league of third generation trainers that she helps nurture through the Real Pilates Training program out of Grace Studio. "At Grace, we honor the legacy of..."

Boston, Massachusetts

Endurance Pilates and Yoga is located near the heart of Boston in an historic district of Boston called the South End. Endurance Pilates and Yoga originally opened in Arlington, Massachusetts in January of 2010, over seven years ago. We moved to the...

Los Angeles, California

Of all the things in life I am passionate about, Pilates is at the top of the list. A professional dancer at the age of 19, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The only thing that was able to restore my strength, my flexibility and my mobility was Joe Pilates’ Classical Method.

Agoura Hills, California

The Pilates Workshop was opened by Erika Groff in 2011 and has grown to become the largest classical Pilates studio in San Francisco. Their spacious and sunny studio offers more than forty group apparatus and mat classes to the local...

Detroit, Michigan

Grete Gryzwana, founder of True Pilates Pasadena, is a second generation Pilates instructor certified by Romana Kryzanowska, the protégé of Joseph Pilates. Selected for the prestigious teacher training program at the Pilates Studio of...

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I opened my studio in 2008 with Pilates apparatus from Gratz. I have created a program that uses Classical Pilates for rehabilitation and it’s customized to each of my client’s condition. I realized early on that it’s almost impossible...

San Francisco, California

The Pilates Workshop was opened by Erika Groff in 2011 and has grown to become the largest classical Pilates studio in San Francisco. Their spacious and sunny studio offers more than forty group apparatus and mat classes to the local...

Pasadena, California

Grete Gryzwana, founder of True Pilates Pasadena, is a second generation Pilates instructor certified by Romana Kryzanowska, the protégé of Joseph Pilates. Selected for the prestigious teacher training program at the Pilates Studio of...

Seoul, Korea

I opened my studio in 2008 with Pilates apparatus from Gratz. I have created a program that uses Classical Pilates for rehabilitation and it’s customized to each of my client’s condition. I realized early on that it’s almost impossible...

Moscow, Russia

The founder of the Studio, Denis Sychev, is a professional choreographer, certified trainer, Romana’s Pilates school’s graduate. “Pilates appeared in my life just out of the blue but at the right time”, Denis says."The ballet background with..."

The Netherlands

Prins Maurits Pilates is located in a very nice neighborhood of The Hague. As this city is the political capital of the Netherlands people from all over the world visit our studio. Also the teachers are from in and outside the country...

Rome, Italy

In 2001, I opened One Pilates Rome with a mission to establish the classical Method in Italy. Having studied in the USA with exceptional teachers⎯Romana Kryzanowska, Juanita Lopez, and Bob Liekens, to name a few⎯I arrived in Italy...

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Carmen Lanteigne, owner of Aligned Pilates Studio, realized the need for a studio to offer authentic Pilates training as in the days of Joe and Clara. Over the last 10 years, Aligned Pilates Studio has developed a devout following of...

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tonka Cascais has dedicated her life to transforming bodies and changing lives, regardless of a person’s age, physical, or emotional limitations. Tonka has studied Pilates for over 16 years. She has had the unique opportunity to...

Guadalajara, Spain

Vive Pilates was born from the idea to give the people of this city the chance to discover the Authentic Pilates Method, that gives them physical and psychological health. Our mantra is “Vive Pilates Studio, your health is our most important goal.”...

New York, New York

We have clients who have been with us for over 10 years, and others who frequent the JCC as Nursery School Parents or as part of their Parkinson Wellness Initiative, and are able to make Pilates part of their self-care.

Forchheim, Germany

The studio “Wohlfühlen” is owned and operated by Kurt Lochner and Daniela Bauer-Lochner. Daniela Bauer-Lochner is a trained physiotherapist and sports physiotherapist. Since 1990 she has been working as a trainer in the area...

Los Angeles, California

Pilates Essence is a unique, boutique style studio. It is beautiful, peaceful, and quaint. With no background music, phones ringing, or overhearing the conversation of others. It is best described as a clean, distraction free studio...

Sarzana, Italy

Studio Pilates is located in Sarzana, a lovely little town in Liguria, Italy near the famous and amazing Cinque Terre area. My clients tell me they already feel better as soon as they get in the picturesque studio...

San Francisco, California

Prior to opening the Pilates Center of San Francisco, Martt was the Pilates instructor at The San Francisco Ballet and San Francisco Ballet School. She draws from her experience as...

Multiple Locations, Florida

Technically, the birth of "Pilates in Paradise" happened organically. I didn't set out to open a Pilates Studio. No business plan. No long term goal. Just a girl thinking she would have a place to teach Mat classes.

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