July 2023 | Vöcklabruck, Austria
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“Our studio chooses Gratz Pilates Equipment for its unparalleled quality and authenticity. The craftsmanship and attention to detail that Gratz embodies are truly remarkable. The equipment's precision and functionality allow us to provide our clients with an exceptional Pilates experience, helping them achieve remarkable results. With Gratz, we can uphold the highest standards in Pilates training and provide our clients with the best possible equipment.”

- Indira Hrapovic - Owner & Instructor
Indira Pilates Studio



Welcome to Pilates Indira, a fully equipped studio located in the picturesque region of Austria. Nestled in the heart of this beautiful area, our studio provides a serene and inspiring environment for your Pilates journey. As representatives of the Romana's Pilates School in the official Pilates Association in Austria, we offer the renowned Romana's Pilates Instructor Training Program, ensuring the highest standards of instruction. At Pilates Indira, we are committed to providing exceptional Pilates experiences through a wide range of classes, from private sessions to invigorating group courses. Join us and experience the transformative power of the original Pilates method.



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    At Pilates Indira, we exclusively use Gratz Pilates Equipment, sourced from Gratz Industries, the original manufacturers of Pilates apparatus. Our studio boasts a range of high-quality equipment, meticulously designed to support the principles of the Pilates method. From the precise alignment provided by the Reformer to the versatility of the Cadillac, every piece of equipment enhances the effectiveness of your Pilates practice. With our dedication to using Gratz equipment, we ensure that our clients receive the authentic Pilates experience and enjoy the numerous benefits it offers.



    About Indira Hrapovic
        * Indira Hrapovic, the founder of Pilates Indira, has dedicated her life to sports and fitness. With a background in alpine skiing and a degree in sports science, Indira brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her teaching. Her passion for Pilates led her to establish the studio in 2012, making it the only one in the region to offer authentic Pilates equipment, including the Reformer, Cadillac, Wall Unit, Electric Chair, Lader Barrel, Spine Corrector, and more. As a certified Romana's Pilates Instructor, Indira combines her extensive training and expertise with her profound commitment to the Pilates method, guiding clients towards transformative results and empowering them to embrace a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

    About Sara
        * Alongside Indira, Sara Hrapovic, a certified Romana's Pilates Trainer who completed her rigorous training in New York City at LifeSpan Pilates Studio, combines her international education with her passion for Pilates, delivering exceptional training and sharing her in-depth knowledge with clients at Pilates Indira.Together, our team is dedicated to providing personalized instruction and guiding clients towards achieving their fitness goals.


    Full Address: Pilates Indira
    Johann-Rauchstraße 5, 4840 Vöcklabruck, Austria
    Website: www.pilates-indira.at
    Email: info@pilates-indira.at
    Contact Information: +43 650 9983008
    Social Media Links:
    * Facebook: Pilates-Indira
    * Instagram: @pilatesindira @yourpilatesmuse


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