March 2024 | Geneva, Switzerland

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"I believe in doing things right. After experiencing Gratz equipment, I was convinced to transform my entire studio to Gratz. The connections and, most importantly the results are unmatched. No other equipment provides the deep work of Joesph Pilates."

Lynn Grandjean
Owner of One Pilates


One Pilates - we believe in the transformative power of movement, where the choice of equipment and the power of Pilates brings you closer to your stronger self.  One Pilates is located close the heart of Geneva, in the watch making district of Plan-les-Ouates.  The studio is a light, airy and bright studio where you can come into a welcome space of a complete set of Gratz apparatus.  One Pilates works with Privates, Duets and Small Groups.

One Pilates offers Classical Pilates Teacher Training, a Comprehensive Classical Teacher Training recognised by Pilates Suisse.
This training is unique as it offers:
  • - Private and Group classes incorporated in the course fee - why because One Pilates does not believe in hidden costs  and you cannot learn this method without feeling it in your body;
  • - E-learning platform, so you can blend online and in-studio learning at your own pace and
  • - Allows access to the Studio to practice and teach Pilates in a safe welcoming environment.


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We are 100% Gratz-equipped!

Cadillac, Tower Units, Universal Reformer, Wunda Chair, Electric Chair, Small Arm Chair, Spine Corrector, Small Barrel, Ladder Barrel, Pedi Pole and Foot Corrector.

PEOPLE: About Lynn Grandjean

Lynn Grandjean the founder of One Pilates, uses her 15 years of vast experience in the Finance world (including Singapore, New York and London) to help Studio owners:
  • boost their studio profits
  • achieve work life balance and
  • enjoy their passion.
She uses a proven logical method to redefine your financial and pricing objectives to help your business thrive.  Because the numbers never lie!
Location: One Pilates Studio 110 Chemin du Pont-du-Centenaire, 2nd floor 1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva Switzerland
Phone: + 41 79 312 1958
Training Program

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