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“My back injury healed with Gratz apparatus. My certification with Romana's Pilates was done on Gratz apparatus. Joseph Pilates designed all the exercises on apparatus with these exact proportions, using resistance with identical springs, following years of research. Why would any studio owner want to invest in anything other than the equipment that is faithful and accurate to the original design?

- Yahel Herzog - Owner & Instructor
Pilates House Studio



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Pilates House is a safe and welcoming space that accommodates Pilates practitioners of all levels, ages and body types. We offer private and semi-private classes and enjoy a wonderful and inspiring group of clients from all walks of life. Being the first studio to host Romana's Pilates certification program in Israel, we try to stay as accurate to Joe, Clara and Romana's intention as we can. We aim to promote and spread our knowledge and love of the accurate and effective original work, which can be fully achieved by using only the original tools made by Gratz.


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Our clients feel the difference. There are only a few studios in the country that carry the original equipment and being the studio that carries every piece of apparatus Gratz makes, including the only Gratz Guillotine in the country, makes us very proud. We personally maintain all the equipment, with support from the Gratz team and offer servicing to other Gratz-equipped studio owners in the country.


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About Yahel Herzog

About Yahel Herzog

Founder and Owner of Pilates House

Following a dozen and a half years in NYC, where I worked as a documentary cameraman, suffered a back injury, with several years of failing long-term relief, I walked into a classical pilates studio, instantly fell in love with the method and sweated my way through to a complete recovery. I owe a lot to my first teachers Brett Howard and Carolina Zapata who helped me through the difficult early years. 
After witnessing and experiencing first hand what this life changing routine has done for my well being, I decided that PILATES is going to be my life journey and that I wanted to be able to share it and improve other peoples lives with it too.
looked for the best possible training program in NYC. Romanas Pilates and its direct lineage to Joseph Pilates himself was a clear choice and I pursued the certification led by Romana's daughter Sari Mejia Santo, Romana's grand-daughter Daria Pace and many of the most experienced instructors in the world - Cynthia Lochard, Marjorie Oron, Javier Perez Pont, Philip Taupin, Cynthia Shipley and Jerome Weinberg.
Once graduated, I returned to Israel, to find a culture eager to practice Pilates. I opened the studio door in 2013 and the demand for Romana’s Pilates kind of precise and deep work flowed right in. Today we are proud to be one of the leading studios in Israel. All 10 instructors in the studio take regular lessons and attend my workshops to keep the knowledge fresh and accurate. I am happy to see this dream come true in the best and most professional way possible. The support the studio gets from Romana's pilates global network of amazing instructors is immense and our circle of proud local graduates of the program grows every year.



20 Lohamey Hagetaot Street
47303 Ramat HaSharon, Israel

+972 52-525-8805






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