Classical Pilates brought to you by PILATESOLOGY

Pilatesology is the result of my desire to share the magic!All of the teachers you find on our site were trained by Romana Kryzanowska, or in the case of Jay Grimes,
by Joe Pilates himself. In fact, you’ll find more classes with Romana’s most respected teachers on Pilatesology than anywhere else.

What's a Pilatesology Program?

Pilatesology's programs are a sequence of videos that take you on a fitness journey. Build a Pilates habit, target a body tissue or master as skill - pick a program
and begin your transformation today!

Why Pilatesology?
  • Unlimited classes for $19/mo or $150/yr (only $12.50/mo)
  • World-renowned, classical Pilates teachers
  • New classes added every week to their growing library
  • Stream classes on your computer, iPad, smartphone, HDTV




    The new Pilatesology Studio came into being as a manifestation of Pilatesology's mission to spread the authentic work. It's where our shoots will take place when we're not on the road, and in addition, we've brought together a team of fantastic local teachers who share our desire for a friendly and welcoming place to work out, learn and inspire others.


    Pilatesology Studio

    Location: 1038 Aviation, Hermosa Beach, California

    Contact:  (310) 697-3013 |