February 2024 | Anyang, South Korea


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“Gratz was magical from the very first moment I laid my body down on it and started to pull. I could instantly feel that the tension and balance were on a totally different level from other Pilates equipment I had used before. Clients likewise proclaim a special affinity for Gratz. It is definitely one of the many reasons
why they love to work out in our studio”

Anna An - Romana Pilates Lvl 5 Instructor
Anna An Classic Pilates




Anna An Classic Pilates Studio is nestled in Anyang, Korea, 30 minutes south of Seoul. We are a fast-growing community, already becoming one of the major Classic Pilates studios in the southern Seoul Metropolitan Area. Our studio is located on the second floor of a brand-new building, boasting a natural and bright setting, finished with a modern and cozy woody and white tone. For the best atmosphere possible for Pilates practice, our space is always kept neat and immaculately clean. We are very proud to offer authentic Pilates experience to local communities and Romana’s Pilates pre-apprentices alike. The lessons we offer range from 1-on-1, 1-on-2 duet, to 1-on-3 group.




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The Studio is fully equipped with Gratz apparatus. 4 Reformers, 2 Cadillacs, 1 Guillotine Tower, 1 Ladder Barrel, 2 Low Folding Mats, 3 Wunda Chairs, 1 Combi Chair, 1 Electric Chair, 1 Small Arm Chair, 1 Pedi Pole and various small accessories including 3 Spine Correctors.



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Though Anna started Pilates after suffering a leg injury, she was quick to fall in deep love with the practice. She started teaching Pilates in 2013, but after a few years, she started to feel she had reached her limits. Becoming curious about Pilates methods, she was eventually led to Romana’s Pilates. After a long process, further protracted due to Covid, Anna was certified by Cynthia Lochard in 2022. Anna’s goal is to offer a holistic Pilates experience to her clients, which will make them not only healthy but, equally importantly, happy. Although it is sometimes tough to sustain energy levels, seeing her client leading happier and healthier lives with better body alignment always rekindles her enthusiasm for Pilates. 


Studio name: Anna An Classic Pilates
Address: 101-207, 41 Burim-ro 169beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 14051


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