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“Gratz was the only brand of equipment I considered when setting up my studio. I have worked out on other types of apparatus and this has only reinforced my opinion of Gratz as the best and most effective equipment one can use to develop the body with Pilates. When you walk into a studio outfitted with Gratz apparatus, you immediately know what to expect--you are going to work out on finely crafted equipment meticulously designed to Joseph Pilates' standards.”

Katie Thomas
Owner of Embodiment Pilates


Originally known as "contrology," the Pilates method was conceived by Joseph Pilates to alleviate everyday stresses and restore both physical and mental well-being. At Embodiment Pilates, workouts are customized to suit each client's unique needs and objectives, drawing inspiration from Pilates' original system. Situated in the heart of Denver, our recently renovated studio provides a tranquil, private setting where clients can focus entirely on their workouts without interruption.



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Embodiment Pilates is furnished with Gratz Pilates apparatus, globally recognized for its adherence to Joseph Pilates' original dimensions, proportions, and specifications. It is considered the industry standard for authentic Pilates equipment, utilized in studios worldwide.


PEOPLE: About Katie Thomas

About Katie Thomas (with Romana Kryzanowska)

A Denver native, Katie discovered Pilates early in her dancing career with the Atlanta Ballet, experiencing its transformative effects on her body firsthand.

In 2002, she became a certified instructor after completing a rigorous 600-hour training program with The Pilates Studio and Romana’s Pilates, mentored by renowned teachers Lori Coleman-Brown, Lauren Stephen, Dorothee Vandewalle, Juanita Lopez, and Romana Kryzanowska, a direct disciple of Joseph Pilates.

Following certification, Katie taught at Pilates Seattle International for two years before relocating to Oslo, Norway, where she danced with the Norwegian National Ballet. Despite her focus on dance, she continued practicing and teaching Pilates to fellow dancers.

Upon retiring from the stage in 2021 and returning to Denver, Katie prioritized teaching and furthering her Pilates education. She recently completed the Graduate Intensive Cycle with Lori Coleman-Brown at Atlas Pilates in Seattle.

Now, with her own studio, Katie is excited to share the myriad benefits of Pilates with others.




Embodiment Pilates
1126 Fairfax Street
Denver, CO 80220

Email: embodimentpilates@gmail.com
(303) 489-4382

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