February 2023 | Oslo, Norway


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"Gratz equipement was my «first love», I am grateful that I learned pilates on Gratz. Over the years I have tried other kinds of equipement. My experience is that nothing compares in quality and durability. I like the fact that in a world where we have too many choices, the simple design and functionality helps you keep focus on what is important in Pilates, giving you freedom to simply move and keep the flow. This simplicity does not mean that Gratz makes it easier, quite the opposite. The work gets harder, directed straight to the heart and soul of pilates in a simple way."

- Ann-Elisabeth, Ren Pilates Studio




Ren Pilates was openend in 2009 by Ann-Elisabeth Solberg. Her expertice lies in a solid understanding of and education in The Pilates Method. Her studio is a fully equipped classical studio with Gratz equipement. The studio offers independent group workouts and privates.

Ren Pilates also offers workshops and teacher meetings called «Treffpunkt» for all pilates backgrounds. The goal is to support the pilates community in helping teachers find a strong self practice and develop their own voice in teaching the work of Joe Pilates as close to the roots as possible.

Ren Pilates is co-owner of The Pilates School of Oslo, which offers education in The Pilates Method. The school has direct lineage to both Jay Grimes and Romana Kryzanowska and aims to stay honest twoards the legacies that were given them in teaching The Pilates Method.


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  • Reformers
  • Cadillac
  • Wunda chairs
  • Arm chair
  • Big barrel
  • High chair
  • Ped-o-pull
  • Spine corrector
  • Small barrel
  • High mats
  • Folding mats
  • Sand bags
  • Toe-tenzor
  • Breath-a-sicer
  • Jumboard
  • Neck stretcher
  • Foot corrector
  • Magic circles

About Ann-Elisabeth

 About Ann-Elisabeth from Ren Pilates

Ann-Elisabeth Solberg started her training in 2005 with Hanne Koren Bignell and Lene Danielsen who were trained by Romana Kryzanowska. Later on Jay Grimes and his legacy has been her inspiration for years training with different teachers as well as Jay. In 2016 she was encouraged to apply for «The Work» at Vintage Pilates, which she graduated from in 2017.

Her goal is to teach in a fun an educational way. Through pilates she aims to give you an optimal training experience and body awareness. She will guide you as you bulid a strong self practise for functional movement. People training at Ren Pilates are of all ages and backgrounds. All of them sharing the joy of movement through The Pilates System.




Ren Pilates in Oslo, Norway
Address: Fallanveien 5a, 0495 Oslo, Norway

email: ann-elisabeth@renpilates.no
website: www.renpilates.no

Instagram: http://instagram.com/ren.pilates



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