May 2022 | Santa Monica, CA

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“I learned using Gratz equipment at Drago’s Gym and The Pilates Studio in New York City. Over the last nearly 25 years, I’ve taught Pilates on every brand of equipment out there but my clients get the best results with Gratz so I find it very hard to teach on anything else. Gratz is the best. Hands down.”

- Molly Niles Renshaw - Owner & Instructor
Phoenix Classical Pilates Studio



Phoenix Classical Pilates is a boutique Pilates studio in the heart of Santa Monica, CA. Rooted in the classical Pilates method, we offer private and small group classes that let our clients experience the full Pilates system as intended by its creator, Joseph Pilates. The studio is warm, cozy and inviting with exposed brick walls and carefully curated Gratz equipment. The Southern California sun pours in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, flooding the studio with natural light from early morning to late afternoon. Our studio helps clients achieve vitality and youthfulness at any age.



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Over the last nearly 25 years in the Pilates world, I’ve taught on every brand of equipment but I learned on Gratz at Drago’s Gym and The Pilates Studio in New York City. So it’s very hard to teach on anything else. Gratz is the best. Hands down. A fully equipped Gratz studio is rare in Los Angeles so not everyone gets it at first but after working on Gratz and seeing their bodies get stronger and change the clients get it and become converts themselves. We have four Reformers, two Cadillacs, a Wunda and Electric Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Small Barrel, Pedi-Pole, Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector. My new addition of the Convertible Reformer/Cadillac has been amazing for the studio. It’s so versatile and the clients love it.

About Molly Niles Renshaw  

Molly Niles Renshaw, Senior Pilates Instructor, Studio Owner

​​Molly has been sharing her love of Pilates for 23 years. She was lucky to find and study with Romana Kryzanowska and Bob Liekens in New York City in the late 90’s as a young dancer. Molly eventually returned to her roots in Los Angeles where she joined the Winsor Pilates team for the next decade. Molly’s goal as a teacher is to help each client reach their goals so their bodies stay aligned, strong, and injury free. She’s looking for a new teacher to join her team so reach out to Molly if you are interested in working in a thriving, fun, community that is changing lives one spine at a time.



Hector Mercado, Senior Pilates Instructor, Co-Founder

About Hector

Hector was a principal dancer with Alvin Ailey and Dance Magazine listed him as one of the top 10 male dancers in the world. After his acclaimed career on Broadway and in film, Hector found a new passion: Pilates. He was fortunate to study and work for very talented and devoted master teachers such as Romana Kryzanowska and Mari Winsor. He and Molly co-founded Phoenix Classical Pilates in Santa Monica in 2018.


Phoenix Classical Pilates
2412 Wilshire Boulevard Suite #208, Santa Monica, CA 90403

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