August 2023 | South Barrington, IL
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    At our studio, we understand that Pilates is a universal haven for all, offering a harmonious blend of stretch, strength, and precise control. This tailored experience has garnered a loyal following among Equestrians, Golfers, Business Men, and Women alike, drawing them back time and again. And with Gratz equipment at our disposal, this exceptional journey is elevated to new heights, creating a haven where potential meets precision.

    - Chris Girard
    Owner & Level IV Instructor Pilates Studio 6


    Our fully equipped studio features top of the line Gratz apparatus. We opened in 2007 and are located in the Northwest suburb of Chicago called “Barrington”.
    Some studio perks include outdoor classes when weather permits & a licensed and registered dietician to help achieve healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. Feeling tighter on the inside makes you stand taller, feel more fit, and eat better!


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      As the sun casts its warmth, our ourdoor classes unfold amidst nature's embrace, connecting your movements with the earth beneath. But it's the Gratz equipment that truly defines the Studio 6 experience. Meticulously designed for optimal alignment and resistance, each apparatus invites you to explore the depths of your body's potential. Feel the controlled intensity as you glide on the reformer, embrace the challenge of the Cadillac, and discover newfound stability on the Wunda Chair.


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      THE PEOPLE - Chris Girard

      In 2002, Chris Girard discovered Pilates and was immediately captivated by its blend of stretch, strength, and control. Training under Juanita Lopez and Rhonda Celenza, she became certified by Sari Majia Santo in New York in 2007.

      Since becoming certified in 2007, Chris continues to enrich her Pilates journey by exploring various studios, attending weekly lessons, and participating in seminars with Juanita Lopez and Rhonda Celenza. Her dedication embodies the essence of Pilates – an ever-evolving quest for knowledge and a deeper understanding of the work.


      Pilates Studio 6
      6 Pembury Way,
      South Barrington, IL 60010



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