December 2023 | Ann Arbor, Michigan


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“We as teachers can only say and do so much.  You have to feel the work in your body to truly understand it and the Gratz apparatus helps you do just that.” 

Whitney Johnson - Owner/Pilates Instructor
Whitney Johnson Pilates




Whitney Johnson Pilates is a fully equipped Classical Pilates studio located in the heart of Downtown Ann Arbor, MI and is committed to teaching the method as intended by its creator.  The studio specializes in Private Sessions, Small Group Classes, and Open Gym Hours that allow a rare opportunity for clients to work out independently under the watchful eye of classically certified instructors.   Featuring 3 large east facing windows and 2 skylights, the space is primarily lit by natural light.  While only 1250 square feet, the studio houses a complete set of Gratz apparatus including all the small accessories and one of the few Guillotine’s in southeastern Michigan.



Whitney Johnson Pilates has a complete set of Gratz apparatus including all of the small accessories and even a Guillotine.  This equipment is made, by special order, to include pieces with both standard foam and the archival high density foam.  See below for a comprehensive list of Gratz apparatus available at WJP. 


Major Apparatus:

4 86” Reformers (1 standard, 3 high density)
4 Studio Wall Units w/High Mats (high density)
1 Cadillac (standard)
1 Guillotine (standard)
1 Low Folding Mat (standard)


2 Wunda Chairs (1 standard, 1 high density)
1 Electric Chair (standard)
1 Arm Chair (standard)


2 Ladder Barrels (1 standard, 1 high density)
4 Small Barrels (standard)
3 Spine Correctors (standard)


1 Pedi-Pole
1 Push Up Device
2 Toe Correctors
1 Foot Corrector
6 Magic Circles
1 Neck Stretcher
1 Airplane Board
1 Breath-A-Cizer
1 Bean Bag Roll Up Device
1 2x4

Woodrose (discontinued)

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Whitney Johnson About

Whitney Johnson - Studio Owner and Classical Pilates Instructor

Whitney is a third generation Classical Pilates Instructor having completed her Classical education with The New York Pilates Studio® through the United States Pilates Association (currently Classical Pilates USA).  She has also gone through The Classical Syllabus® with Mejo Wiggin and  Weekends with Jay through Vintage Pilates. 


Tina About

Tina Kapousis - Classical Pilates Instructor

Tina is a third generation Classical Pilates Instructor.  After rigorous training with a second generation instructor in the LA area, she went on to teach in southern California for eight years, with most of her clientele being entertainment industry professionals from nearby Paramount Studios, before moving back to Michigan.




Whitney Johnson Pilates
208 South Fourth Ave, Floor 2, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
United States


Instagram: @whitneyjohnson.pilates



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