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“ Once you’ve experienced Gratz springs and the closing of the springs it’s hard to do pilates on any other equipment, the springs work with you rather than for you - it’s all about the return and on Gratz equipment you feel every moment”

- Sophie Hatton - Owner & Instructor
Pilates Works UK



Pilates Works is a dedicated Classical Pilates studio located in Birkdale, Southport, just north of Liverpool in the UK. The studio opened in February 2019 and remains the only tower studio within a 50-mile radius.

Our youngest client is 13 years old and has used Pilates to secure her place in ballet school. Our oldest client is 90 years old, and she uses Pilates to maintain her gardening activities and enjoy life.

Our studio hosts Fully Comprehensive training with Kirk Smith, a Romana-trained instructor from the Classical Pilates Centre.


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    In 2021, we launched Reformer Retreats, a Pilates retreat business that carefully curates high-end and luxurious retreats in stunning architectural venues. Every January, we organize a "Re-set" reformer retreat in a 5-star private Scottish Castle. We even had the Kilted Yogis join us for a workout on Gratz earlier this year.



    We offer tower classes, reformer classes, 1:1 sessions, duets, mat classes, and barre classes. We live and breathe Pilates and are passionate take pride in sharing classical Pilates using the finest classical equipment available.


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    Sophie Hatton Pilates Work UK
    Sophie Hatton - Owner

    Sophie Sophie, came into pilates in 2003 in London, it was injury and pregnancy that led her to pilates initially and she was hooked from day one -enjoying the movement, strengthening and mental focus that went with it.

    In 2017, she embarked on her fully comprehensive training under second generation Pilates teacher, Kirk Smith. Pilates Works opened in May 2019, opening the only fully Gratz tower studio in the area.

    Pilates Works is a calm, contemporary space to enjoy the very best pilates.



    Louise Franks - Pilates Works

    Louise Franks - Classical Pilates Teacher


    Louise completed her comprehensive classical Pilates training in 2018 under Kirk Smith at the Classical Pilates Centre in Cheshire.


    She began Pilates in 2015 after having her two children, looking for something different from the normal gym routine. Soon introduced to the classical method she was hooked, relishing the new physical and mental challenges it presented and the profound positive effects she felt on her body.



    Alex Benton - Pilates Works UK

    Alex Benton Classical Pilates Teacher Level 3 - When she first started teaching Pilates at Pilates Works Alex was just starting her Classical journey and thought all of the apparatus was a bit based on preference.  However she quickly discovered how incredible the entire Pilates System works together beautifully to create a strong connected body.   

    Alex is passionate about spreading the Classical pilates method having recently retrained with Kirk Smith. Her energy for classical pilates is infectious and she has a growing following of loyal clients.



    Anna Cappiello - Pilates Works

    Anna Cappiello - Barre Teacher Anna trained in dance at the Shockout Dance Academy in Manchester and is now an officially trained Barre Concept teacher. A high intensity barre core class mixed with a pilates mat workout.

    This class brings together elements of ballet, yoga and Pilates that focus on low impact, high intensity movements designed to strengthen and tone your body.

    Pilates Works
    3A Crown Mews, 91A King Street
    Southport, PR8 1LQ



    INSTAGRAM: @pilatesworks_southport


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