July 2022 | Portland, OR

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“I have been a Gratz customer for 25 years, I cannot imagine teaching Pilates on anything other than Gratz”
Adrienne Lòpez Silveira  - Owner & Instructor

Studio Adrienne Pilates



Studio Adrienne brought Classic Pilates to Portland in 1997 and this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. Over the years the studio has evolved from a larger facility and training center to a more intimate private space offering one on one personalized instruction and therapy as well as small group sessions. At Studio Adrienne each client is unique and lessons are customized to each person’s particular needs, goals and physical ability. The studio creates a safe comfortable environment for all skill levels where clients can work to achieve their personal best. The light, airy elegant studio is equipped with state of the art Gratz equipment.  The Studio is centrally located in the Portland Plaza near Portland State University and the Lovejoy Fountain. There is ample free parking and easy accessibility.



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    Studio Adrienne is a small studio offering a very personal experience. Adrienne is invested in teaching classical undiluted Pilates on authentic Gratz equipment as conceptualized by founder Joseph Pilates. I learned Pilates from Romana on Gratz equipment and it has always been my only choice for the studio. Gratz represents Classical Pilates, with Gratz equipment Pilates can be taught and performed correctly and clients get results.

    Gratz equipment is so well made it lasts forever!

    At Studio Adrienne we have the foll:
    • 4 Universal reformers ( 2 of them long)
    • 4 Hi Mats
    • 1 Cadillac
    • 1 Wunda chair
    • 1 Ladder Barrel
    • 1 Small barrel
    • 2 long poles
    • I foot corrector
    • 1 breathacizer




    Adrienne Lòpez Silveira - owner/ instructor

    Adrienne has been teaching Classic Pilates for over 25 years. She is a first generation teacher who received her training and certification in The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning from renowned Master teacher and Joseph Pilates protégé Romana Kryzanowska and her daughter Master teacher Sari Mejia Santos.

    A dedicated teacher Adrienne seeks to educate her students on body awareness, carriage and posture. Her mission is to bring out the best in every person and improve their quality of life. In addition to her background in Pilates Adrienne draws on her experience as a certified yoga instructor, dancer and professional model. Studio Adrienne has been blessed with a loyal clientele, most have been faithful practitioners for well over a decade.
    We have progressed through life together, we’ve aged, grown and shared life together over the years.


    Studio Adrienne

    1975 SW First Avenue, Suite G
    Portland, Oregon 97201
    Telephone/ text: 503- 936-2146
    Website: www.adriennepilates.com
    Email: adriennecsilveira@gmail.com
    Facebook: Studio Adrienne

                          Adrienne Lòpez Silveira


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