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November 2022 | Chicago, IL

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Choosing Gratz was an easy decision. I was trained on Gratz, did my apprenticeship on Gratz and started my teaching career on equipment that was not Gratz and I was not happy. I was thrilled when Rhonda Celenza invited me to teach at Pilates Connection, a Romana's Pilates training center, fully equipped with all Gratz. I was finally able to give my clients the Pilates experience they needed.

- Cathern Vaccaro - Owner & Instructor
Pilates Advantage Studio



Pilates Advantage is in Chicago between the neighborhoods of Lakeview and Buena Park. With high ceiling it is a spacious, light filled and fully Gratz equipped Pilates studio. The studio open in late November 2019, just in time for the Covid shutdown. Thanks to our loyal clients, our re-opening was meet with great energy and renewed commitment to the Pilates method.



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    We love the versatility of a studio fully equipped with Gratz. Each piece, from the Reformers to the Toe Exercisers provide us with the tools we need to meet our clients needs. Our seven Wall units give us a wide range of options for our small group classes to experience both matwork and Cadillac exercises. In addition these classes have spines correctors, Magic Circles, Airplane boards and Toe Exercisers  to deepen their Pilates practice. We also offer three person Reformer classes that include use of the Ladder Barrels and Wunda Chairs. Our Private clients enjoy work on the Small Arm chair, Guillotine or 
    Push Up bars to round out their sessions.



    Cathern Vaccaro and Patrick Coughlin are both certified Romanas Pilates instructors who have been teaching Pilates since 2001 and 2011 respectively. We know that our clients' times valuable and we strive to provide a Pilates experience that leaves them energized, not drained, that builds strength not stiffness and challenges them, body and mind. Gratz equipment helps us to attain that goal.

    4027 N. Broadway
    Chicago, IL 60657

    Phone: (773) 297-7442
    Email: info@thepilatesadvantage.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pilatesadvantageLakeview
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pilatesadvantage/


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