Cleaning and How-To Instructions


All of the Gratz Pilates Apparatus are designed to the exact specifications of Joseph Pilates and they can be used daily and continuously. To prolong the effectiveness of our apparatus please do not modify the equipment or utilize non-Gratz components with our equipment.

Be sure to check all hardware prior to use. Screws, nuts, bolts, clips, springs, and hooks. All other attachments should be checked regularly to ensure safe operation of all equipment. Inspect your springs for wear and tear.

Keep loose clothing, jewelry, hair from all moving parts. Jewelry can easily damage the vinyl covering of our equipment. Never allow children to be around or on the equipment.

If your equipment requires some maintenance, we can provide you with a Pilates Repair & Maintenance expert in your area. Send an email to


What should I use to clean the upholstery?
A solution of 1 part household liquid dish soap abd 10 parts (1:10) water should remove most soiling. The soap should not saturate the upholstery. Do no use Tea Tree, Peppermint, or etc. on the upholstery. This will dry out the upholstery and cause it to crack and split.

How do I clean the equipment?
When cleaning the equipment wipe down with a heavily diluted soapy solution and dry thoroughly. Vinyl can be cleaned with common household dish soap diluted at 1:10.

How do I clean the Gratz Reformer wheels?
Wheels should be cleaned and lubricated every three months using white Lithium grease. This product can be purchased at most auto supply stores. Wheels must be removed, cleaned, greased, and refastened. Do not lubricate the wheel itself or lubricate the tracks. Refer to our Assembly book section to download a "How To" PDF.

Instructions: In order to remove and re-fasten the wheels you will need two .5" spanners for the track wheels and one 3/16 hex (allen) key for the guide wheels. Be sure to clean all hardware (screws, bolts, etc.) with a clean, dry rag before re-attaching the wheel, as grime, hair, etc. may be present. Lubricate the wheel-well only. It is very important that you do not lubricate the tracks or the wheel itself. If the wheels show signs of wear then the wheels must be replaced. Do not spray the outside of the wheels with aerosol Lithium grease. This is not an acceptable alternative to a regular and thorough maintenance inspecetion.

How do I clean the Gratz Reformer Tracks?
To remove black streaks, only use water with a few drops of dish detergent (spray and wipe), or if you do use the Method lavender all purpose spray, only leave it on for a minute or two at most. Usually you should wipe it off almost right away. If you leave the Method lavender all purpose spray on too long, it may result in white spots. Try going over the spots gently with a Scotch Brite pad to remove the streaks.

Take particular care of your springs and inspect your springs weekly. Springs should be immediately replaced if any distortion appearance of springs is observed or any unusual sounds emanate from the springs.

How often should I replace the Gratz Reformer Springs?
The average life of a Gratz Reformer spring is 18 to 24 months if you use your equipment daily or continuously. If the springs show any sign of wear or emit any unusual sounds, then they should be replaced immediately.

How do I adjust the leather straps on the Gratz Reformer?
To adjust the leather strap, loosen the two nuts on either side of each screw attached to the "L" brackets located underneath the carriages. You will need two 7/16 wrenches in order to loosen and retighten the nuts. Set the straps tot he desired length and securely tighten the screws in place. The factory setting for strap lenght is 1.5" past the shoulder blocks. If the straps show excessive wear or cracking then they must be replaced.

How do I change the Gratz Reformer Foot Bar Cover?
Refer to our Assembly book section to download a "How To" PDF.