Feb 2022 | Atlanta, Georgia

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"Gratz apparatus delivers superior reliability and durability during movement that reinforces Pilates’ execution."

- Dinamy Gantt - Owner & Instructor
Atlanta Pilates Studio



The Atlanta Pilates Studio is an intimate, boutique studio located in Upper West Midtown, just minutes away from downtown Atlanta, Buckhead, Atlantic Station, and is located on the Atlanta Beltline trail. Nestled within a warehouse district, the studio offers natural lighting, high ceilings, and a high-level of privacy. The studio provides a tranquil environment away from the hustle-and-bustle of city life and affords clients an atmosphere where they can explore their Pilates passion and interest, uninhibited by outside distractions. Our mission: Building Strong, Graceful Bodies that Move with Ease.



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The studio is fully equipped with only the premium quality Gratz apparatus - offering one-on-one, duet, and small class instruction. The studio currently contains; 2 - Universal Reformers, 1 – Cadillac, 1 – Wunda Chair, 1 – Ladder Barrel, 1 - High Chair, 1- Small Arm Chair, 4 – Studio Wall Units, Barrels and Accessories. We are continually assessing and adding apparatus yearly.


Dinamy Gantt, Studio Owner & Director

Dinamy, a health and fitness enthusiast, was involved in many activities before beginning her Pilates practice in 2008. At the time, she was an avid runner, she was training in the gym, and she was dancing at The Atlanta Ballet. Dinamy has always been committed to personal growth and development through fitness and flexibility training. Over the years, Dinamy has continued to diversify her activities by incorporating various forms of dance and yoga and has trained with one of Atlanta's top rated personal trainers. She discovered Pilates to be a brilliant mechanism for cross-training to increase strength, stability, and flexibility. Dinamy began her Pilates practice at Pilates of Dunwoody to rehabilitate her lower back. The results were astounding, resulting in increased lower back strength and flexibility and increased abdominal strength through a committed Pilates practice. She became a certified Romana’s Pilates International instructor in 2016 under the tutelage of Holly Pruell Leun and Juanita Lopez.



Atlanta Pilates Studio
1429 Fairmont Avenue NW Suite D
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 465 – 3730

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