June 2022 | Darien, CT

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“As a life-long student of Pilates, I’ve learned everything I know about the Classical Method only on the Gratz apparatus. It just feels right!”

- Claudia King - Owner & Instructor
Darien Pilates Studio



Our studio is just an hour’s train ride from Manhattan in the small town of Darien on Connecticut’s Gold Coast. Tucked away in a park-like setting, our intimate space offers floor-to- ceiling windows with panoramic views of nature and an abundance of sunlight. We’ve created a unique and special place where our clients feel welcomed and inspired to learn about their bodies and feel empowered to go beyond their limits.



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At Darien PIlates we couldn’t imagine teaching Pilates on anything but Gratz. We have 3 Reformers, 3 Studio Wall Units with high mats, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, High Chair, Ped-O-Pull, Spine Corrector, 2 Small Barrels.


Claudia King, Studio Owner & Director

Claudia’s journey in Pilates started 20 years ago when she spent a weekend immersed in learning the Classical mat exercises. Claudia had always been active in her life. She took dance classes for many years, practiced yoga and also enjoyed running, but everything about Pilates excited her and made her feel more connected in her body than ever before. From that moment on Pilates would become an integral part of her life. Claudia and her team of teachers are dedicated to teaching the Classical method of Pilates. Our passion is to inspire, educate and help our clients feel strong and empowered in their bodies!



Darien Pilates
28 Thorndal Circle, Darien, CT 06820
Website: www.darienpilates.com
Email: darienpilates@gmail.com
Instagram: darienpilates
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darienpilates/

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