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“I still vividly remember the day in Sept 2003 when my shipment arrived from Gratz, it was one of the most exciting moments.  To this day, the pieces have stayed, we have been together almost every day since.  Every time I leave the studio, I give a nod of gratitude to the endurance and support these beautiful pieces of apparatus offer each day to every person that gets to work out on them. Thank you, Gratz, for unendingly supporting the community with apparatus that works, is sustainable and offers the full potential to all for attaining The Method.”

- Holly Murray - Owner & Instructor
Pi Pilates Studio



In the heart of London in leafy Battersea, on the river Thames. A light and airy rooftop conservatory space with outside deck where we like to grow fruits and veggies for all to share.  A rare find. Clients love the light and connectedness to the elements.


Pi was one of the first classical studios in London, we opened in 2003. The name Pi emmerged out of the book ‘the life of PiYann Martel, a story of courage and resilience.


Pi is loved for its friendly atmosphere, sense of community, it’s an open and welcoming environment for everybody, all ages, abilities and backgrounds.  Pi cultivates a strong sense of independence, and a place to return to wholeness. Pi is truly international with many languages, heritages and backgrounds; coming together to share a passion in this power and unique discipline.



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    5 Reformers,



    5 Towers,

    4 Wunda Chairs,

    Baby Chair,

    Ladder Barrel,

    Highchair, F

    Foot Corrector,

    2 Pedi poles,

    Barrels, Spine Correctors,

    Sandbag, Neck stretcher, Toe corrector, Breath – A – Cizers, Airplane Board, Posture & Poise Jump boards, Magic Circles


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    Pi Team


    The Pi team is a gamey bunch. Down to earth, real people, friendly, dedicated to their personal development and Pilates practice, deeply passionate about the Classical Method.   Notably willing and supporting one another along the way


    Teaching small group workouts, privates and duets and supporting self-practice. Pi is globally recognised, having trained many students who have gone on to set up studios around the world.  Pi also offers Teacher Training in London, Belgium and Milan


    About Holly Murray

    About Holly Murray - Pi Studio Owner

    Holly is as passionate The Classical Method and continues learn daily from the teaching experience and the physical discipline, a lifetimes journey.  She Trained under Romana in NYC in 2002.


    Holly continues expanding her knowledge in subjects like Flow, and what it means to be in flow, and how that shows up in the body, especially in a workout.  Also, working with Gabor Mate and taking a deep look at how the ‘body holds the score’.   The Method never needs adapting and the deeper you go only informs the Method in a stronger way.  Mr Pilates had it right all along.




    Pi , The Conservatory

    35-37 Parkgate Road, Battersea, SW11 4NP


    020 7585 1114




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