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Photo Credit: Paul Nimmo | Website

“As part of my Pilates education, I have used apparatus from several different manufacturers. Sometimes the differences are obvious and sometimes more subtle, but the quality, attention to detail, and most importantly, the feedback and feeling of connection with the equipment that I get when using Gratz apparatus is unsurpassed. I endeavour to create the best possible environment for my clients to realise their goals. To help me achieve this, and to give them the best Pilates experience I can offer, I only use Gratz apparatus.”

- Lisa Paterson – Owner & Instructor
The Pilates Room Studio



The Pilates Room is a Classical Pilates studio located in the town of Irvine, Ayrshire, on the beautiful West coast of Scotland. Although the original Pilates Room opened its doors several years ago, in July 2022 the studio relocated to one of the town’s most historic buildings. Sovereign House, or Irvine Royal Academy as it was then, was officially opened in December 1901 and children from the local area were educated there until 1993 when the school finally closed. Many clients of The Pilates Room are former pupils of the school and it is fantastic that they get to come to the studio and revisit so many childhood memories, whilst at the same time developing new skills, and gaining a deeper understanding of the Pilates method.
Our mission is to bring Pilates to as many people in the area as possible, whilst remaining true to the classical method. Our clients include elite athletes, Pilates newbies and ‘everybody’ in between and we offer an inclusive space where everyone is welcome. The Pilates Room benefits from high ceilings and large windows which flood the studio with natural light to provide a warm, welcoming and intimate environment where clients get to enjoy their Pilates practice.



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Photo Credit: Paul Nimmo | Website


2 x 86” Reformers
1 x Cadillac
4 x Studio Wall Units with High Mats
1 x Electric Chair
1 x Small Arm/Baby Chair
1 x Wunda Chair
1 x Ladder Barrel
2 x Spine Correctors
2 x Small (Mini) Barrels
1 x Pedi Pole

We also use various Gratz accessories including: Foot Corrector, Neck Stretcher, Toe Exerciser, Airplane Board, Jump Boards, Magic Circles, Kuna Boards and Weighted Poles.


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Lisa Paterson, studio owner

Lisa is from a health and fitness background originally. She spent the early part of her career working within the Fitness industry as a Gym Instructor, and later as a Personal Trainer. She then went on to work as the Fitness Manager at a popular Health Club in the local area for a number of years. Her initial reasons for starting Pilates were born out of a wish to continue exercising after sustaining a number of injuries, and undergoing a number of periods of injury rehabilitation. Following advice given by an Osteopath, she decided to try Pilates in order to strengthen some areas of weakness and address some muscular imbalances. Pilates had a profound effect on Lisa and she attributes the physical improvements she made, and her subsequent return to physical fitness, to the power of Pilates. After a period of reflection, she made a conscious decision to change career direction and train to teach Pilates.

Lisa is passionate about Pilates and is an eternal student of the method. She has been teaching Classical Pilates for over 10 years and continues to train and develop her skills further. The Pilates Room came from very humble beginnings. Lisa initially rented an extremely small room within a local gym and saved every spare penny she earned in order to be able to make her first purchase from Gratz, a Designer Reformer with Half Cadillac Conversion. The Pilates Room has grown steadily over recent years, moving twice into larger premises, but Lisa gets as excited now about adding to her studio apparatus collection, as when she placed her first order with Gratz. She is incredibly proud to be the owner of the First and Only fully Gratz equipped Pilates studio in Ayrshire.



The Pilates Room
Suite 10, Sovereign House
Academy Road
Irvine, Ayrshire
KA12 8RL

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