Apr 2023 | Englewood, Florida

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"We use Gratz because it works. Period. There is nothing else like it. Gratz is made with the finest materials and is the only equipment that provides not only visible results, but a deep feeling of connection and new found body awareness that is unmatched.The engineering of each apparatus allows for the right tension, alignment and resistance necessary to perform each exercise with strength and control."

Kari Hayden - Owner of

Palm Pilates Studio



Palm Pilates Studio is a small yet growing studio in the charming Old Florida village - Englewood. A Gulf Side boating and  fishing town that attracts people seeking a low-key, relaxing vibe. Palm Pilates offers private lessons and group mat classes.  The studio is located on historic Dearborn Street. Dearborn Street was the birthplace of many "firsts" in the area. Dating back to the 1930's, Dearborn Street was the 1st for a newspaper, a 1st for a medical doctor - a 1st for a newspaper and 1st for a bakery amongst many others. So, now, Palm Pilates is the 1st Authentic Pilates Studio featuring Gratz Equipment in the area.


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The studio is fully equipped with only Gratz apparatus.


Kari Hayden, Studio Owner

Founded by Kari Hayden -  a Pilates enthusiast. Kari sought to provide a way to bring authentic Pilates to the community. Palm Pilates includes a Romana's Pilates main instructor, KatrinaKatrina was certified by Romana Kryzanowska and has been a dedicated student and practitioner for over 25 years. Palm Pilates is expanding with plans to bring the original, authentic method to the area with more offerings. For now, we provide excellent private lessons based on the original teachings and group mat classes for beginners. We also offer workshops for non-teachers seeking to learn more about the Original Teachings of Joseph Pilates.

Katrina Sylvan, Instructor

Introduced to the Pilates Method in 1990, Katrina became a lifetime enthusiast of the work.

Completing her certification in 1999 under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Pace, Katrina taught in NYC then continued a lifelong dedication to Pilates while pursuing a career in NYC as a Makeup Artist. A lifelong dancer, The Pilates Method added greater strength and flexibility along with sharper focus, better brain health and more energy to enjoy life. This translates into her teaching style inspiring greater enthusiasm and a stronger mind and body to her clients.



Full address: 441 w. dearborn street, englewood Florida 34223

Phone: 941-208-558



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