May 2024 | Chappaqua, New York

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    “Our space feels like a second home, where we're dedicated to enhancing our clients' practice, providing a sanctuary for strength, balance, and well-being. With Gratz, it's not just about exercising; it's about elevating your journey to a higher level of body-mind connection. We've experienced firsthand the difference these authentic tools make, engineered with precision and endorsed by experts and enthusiasts worldwide. Gratz equipment offers unrivaled quality, durability, and performance—a testament to decades of innovation, ensuring optimal support and alignment with every movement.”

    - Ingrid Tonelli
    Owner of Body & Mind Pilates Training Studio


    At Body & Mind Pilates Training Studio we offer personalized instruction using top-of-the-line equipment from Gratz Industries. Our outstanding instructors have completed a comprehensive Classical Pilates certification under the tutelage of Second Generation Master Teacher, Simona Cipriani. ​ More than ever before, we crave connection to ourselves and others as well as mental, spiritual and physical strength. Through a holistic approach, we help our students understand the correlation between the principles Joseph Pilates taught and how they integrate into our daily lives. ​ We are committed to building a Pilates community where students can push their bodies and minds, becoming better professionals, better parents, better citizens. This is what Joseph Pilates envisioned when he created the Contrology Method.



      The studio has: Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda Chair, Wall Unit, Ladder Barrel, High Chair, Spine Corrector, Small Barrel and Foot Corrector. 



      A citizen of both Brazil and the United States, Ingrid began her personal Pilates practice and was in awe of the depth of the mind/body connection. Stunned by the amazing results she got from the method, she is now on a mission to encourage others to experience Pilates for themselves. As a mother of three amazing children, Ingrid uses Pilates to achieve a clear mind and a healthy body. As an instructor, she has a great appreciation for Pilates adaptability. She enjoys spending time with her family, encouraging them to be active and experiencing the benefits of Pilates in their own bodies. She feels grateful to be able to help others achieve their fitness goals and motivate them to broaden their perception of their own physical and mental abilities through Pilates. Ingrid has completed the comprehensive certification program at the Art and Science of Contrology™ Pilates Instructor Training Program under 2nd-Generation Master Teacher, Simona Cipriani, from whom she continues to be mentored. She is also pursuing the Advanced Contrology Program for Certified Teachers under the tutelage of the Teacher of Teachers, Inelia Garcia.


      59 South Greeley Ave., 2nd floor— Chappaqua NY
      Phone: (914) 774-3421



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