October 2023 | Auckland, New Zealand
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    Gratz’s meticulously crafted gear is, quite frankly, the best, and more than meets our high standards- especially when it’s upholstered in the beautiful Capri blue."

    - Jeneal Rohrback
    Owner & Instructor Frank Pilates


    Frank Pilates is a boutique, fully equipped Gratz studio in the heart of historic Devonport, across the harbour from Auckland, New Zealand. 
    The people we work with range from a feisty 92 year-old with a bung knee, to an athlete training for the next Commonwealth Games.
    The values we run on are FRANK, FUN and SIMPLE. These keep us grounded on a human level, and help us avoid being distracted by the petty or too complicated stuff. In other words, we’re straight up, and keep things fun.

    Nevertheless, we’re serious when it comes to our Pilates. All of us at Frank– Jeneal Rohrback (owner), Eva Tu, and occasionally Yingjie Ow – are Romana’s Pilates certified. We pride ourselves on being part of the authentic Pilates method and the skills it gives us to help people grow stronger and heal.


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      We’re the only fully kitted-out Pilates studio in Devonport, equipped exclusively with Gratz apparatus: a Cadillac; 2 Reformers; a High Mat; three Barrels; a High-Chair; an Arm-Chair; a Wunda-Chair; a neck-stretcher, and – let’s face it, pretty much everything, right down to a Toe and Foot Corrector. Our comprehensive, authentic Pilates offering makes us unique in a sea of lightweight ‘Pilates’ mat classes.

      So, if you’re ever Down Under and make it to Auckland, get on the ferry and pop in to Frank Pilates. Afterwards, you can check out Devonport– it’s a quaint Victorian seaside village, with great restaurants, cool cafes, proper local shops, and the oldest continually running cinema in the Southern Hemisphere – or as we call them, a wide choice of post-workout treats.


      Frank Pilates About

      THE PEOPLE - Jeneal Rohrback (owner) and Eva Tu

      Jeneal Rohrback Romana's Pilates Instructor, 8 years’ experience:

      Jeneal grew up surrounded by a very Californian and athletic family. This gave her an inbuilt passion for anything to do with fitness and wellness, and she's tried it all, from being a serious gym bunny to extreme cross fit.

      But when she discovered Romana's Pilates, she knew she'd found her calling.

      She keeps a finger in competitive sport by playing inter club tennis and Pilates has helped her execute those killer shots.

      As well as Frank Pilates, Jeneal runs an recruitment business and teaches a post grad creative advertising course. These experiences give her the people and teaching skills needed to help others learn the wonderful gift handed down from Joseph Pilates.

      Franker fact: Jeneal loves secondhand shopping, 'Forensic Files', and pimping out other people's homes.


      Ying Jie Ow- Romana's Pilates Instructor, 9 years’ experience:

      Originally from Malaysia, Ying Jie discovered Pilates in her late teens while she was swimming competitively.

      In 2009, she moved to Singapore where she continued her Pilates practice, and signed up to a Pilates course with Pilates Bodyworks. In conjunction with her Pilates,  she worked at Underwater World Singapore as a Marine Mammal Trainer and Educator.

      Fast forward to 2013, with the some Pilates creds under her belt, Ying Jie moved to Auckland, taught Pilates and then realised that transitioning into the renowned Romana's Pilates Instructor’s course would bring her to the next level.

      Ying Jie keeps fit with her home studio and looking after three young children- Kol Loki and Rayla.

      Franker fact: Ying Jie has trained Pink Dolphins, South American fur seals and Asian short-clawed otters, and she was a carer for one very special dugong name Gracie, so training Pilates clients is a piece of cake.


      Eva Tu: Romana's Pilates Instructor, 1 year experience:

      Originally from China, Eva started her Pilates journey in New Zealand, but already had a very good understanding of the body from her years of teaching Yoga at Supermonkey Fitness in China.

      Her passion for Pilates grew even more when she signed up for Romana's Authentic Pilates Instructor's Training Programme.

      After many hours of training, Eva enjoys using her knowledge of movement to help people find a healthy balance- physically, mentally, and emotionally.

      Franker fact: Before Eva found her fortune in helping people, she worked for R.R.Donnelley an American Fortune 500 communications company. Eva not only has an exceptional eye when it comes to Pilates, but photography too. Check out her creativity on her Insta page.



      5-15 Victoria Road, Devonport Arcade, Suite 3,
      Auckland, New Zealand, 0624

      Phone: +64 21 657 821
      E-Mail: frankpilates@xtra.co.nz
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pilatesFRANK/
      Instagram: @pilates.frank
      Website: frankpilates.co.nz


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