Jumping Off Stomach / Ladder Barrel
When Pilates is done right, your physical body and spirit are energized and lifted so much. You feel the ‘Pilates High’! With proper foundation and practice, Pilates can make you levitate and fly. Literally!

As a naturally hyper-mobile and flexible person, it is a constant battle not to rely on my flexibility throughout the exercise and everyday activities. 'Jumping off stomach' really highlights and challenges that you should be as strong as you are flexible, and as flexible as you are strong. This exercise leaves no room for cheating!  Keep the powerhouse engaged through the movement.



About Yumi Sedgwick

RYT. Classical Comprehensive Pilates Instructor

In early 2013, as an alignment-based therapeutic and a restorative yoga teacher, Yumi ventured into classical Pilates to enhance her teaching and as a cross-training tool. After her first classical Pilates session with her teacher Tricia O'dollel who was certified by Romana Kryzanowska, Yumi felt energized and sharp with a clear mind. She experienced her first 'Pilates high' and she was smitten. Since then, Yumi has been obsessed with Pilates and sharing the rush and magical power of Pilates with all her clients and everyone she can possibly reach. 
Yumi is a founder and an owner of ‘Pilates Yoga Attic LLC.’ in New York. 
She is certified by Alycea Ungaro at Real Pilates in New York City, where she is also currently teaching. 
Yumi teaches her sessions both in Korean and English.


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