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Gratz is the only and best equipment which makes your training Real Pilates; helps achieve body and mind Control.


About Olga Burkova
World and European Champion in sports aerobics and international presenter (master classes given at the largest and most prestigious fitness conventions in the world: England, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Israel, Mexico and USA).

Olga is the first Russian instructor who was invited to conduct master classes on the world's largest annual convention for fitness professionals IDEA.

She is author of the first book in Russian about the Pilates method, PhD of Pedagogic, certified Romana's Pilates trainer, level 4.

Olga has 25 years of experience in fitness and 18 years of teaching Pilates.

“Over the years of my sports and fitness career I have had the opportunity to conduct lessons and master classes in more than 20 countries, observe the development of fitness technologies, the emergence and development of new programs in different countries. And only now, having accumulated enough practical experience and knowledge, I can say with confidence: I know what each of us needs, how we cannot only improve our body and gain a tonus, but also "get stronger" spiritually. And the name for all these tricks is the Pilates system. Not so complicated and accessible to everyone without exception."

Pilates is the system that fits perfectly to different people - trained and beginners, very young and the elderly, energetic and tired.


Olga Burkova | Mind Body Studio

Location: Bolshoi Khariton’evsky Per. 16-18, Moscow, Russia

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