Gratz Gallery | Saul Choza performing the One Arm Twist on the Universal Reformer

Image courtesy of Saul Choza


"The classical Pilates work is endless and performing it on Gratz is magic. One can build a progression from the most basic movement, to a three dimensional action. Snake and Twist on the reformer are a part of the advanced system, where one can move in all planes of action.

Adding a One Arm Twist (in the picture) increases the level of difficulty. The exercise begins like the Snake and Twist, as one pushes the carriage away, the hand holding the edge of the carriage releases to extend into a vertical position. The body lengthens into a lateral position, insuring that the supporting shoulder girdle is stable and strong, and the supporting heel digs into the bar. The body rotates laterally, turning the head to the top hand." - Saul Choza


About Saul Choza
Saul Choza has a passion for transforming bodies through the art and science of Pilates, demonstrating a commitment to the field that has gained accolades from clients and the media for producing exceptional results. His twenty year evolution as an instructor, combined with a desire to incorporate complementing fitness modalities, has attracted a loyal client roster that includes Hollywood’s elite entertainers in film, music and fashion; along with powerhouse corporate executives who require a healthy dose of fitness to balance their busy careers.

Saul’s career in Pilates began accidentally. A struggling dancer in search of improving his classical technique, Saul met and began training with Mari Winsor, Hollywood’s premiere pilates instructor. Thus began a two-decade relationship, with Saul taking on a role as a Winsor senior instructor and appearing in numerous Winsor fitness videos. In 2016, their longstanding friendship resulted in Saul taking over the business with the launch of Winsor Choza, a boutique Pilates environment in Hollywood.

A teacher’s teacher, Saul hosts a weekly workshop where trainers can reenergize their practice and deepen their understanding of Pilates. His personal development as a trainer includes certification by Romana Kryzanowska and workshops from top Pilates instructors such as Sari Mejia, Kathy Grant, Lolita San Miguel, Jay Grimes, Maria Jose' Blom, Cynthia Lochard, Brooke Siler, Kathy Ross Nash and more. Saul also holds a Fitness Instruction certificate from UCLA extension and first level certificate in Kettle-bells and Crosscore180. He is also a PMA certified Pilates teacher.

Saul sees clients at Winsor Choza Pilates; and also conducts house calls, where clients can work in the comfort of their own home.


Saul Choza | Winsor Choza Pilates


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