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Noam Gagnon


The Headstand Exercise on a Pilates Reformer is an advanced Pilates movement that involves the practitioner positioning themselves upside down on the Reformer machine, balancing on their head and forearms while their legs are extended vertically upward  


Noam Gagnon - Reformer 2



This challenging exercise enhances core strength, stability, and balance, while also improving upper body and shoulder strength. It requires precise control and is typically performed under the supervision of a trained instructor to ensure safety and proper technique.


About Noam Gagnon

About Noam Gagnon and BEYOND PILATES

Noam Gagnon, with over thirty years of client focused instruction and teacher training, is the owner and creator of, as well as the driving force behind Beyond Pilates. Dedicated to the principles of expertise, empathy and trust, Beyond Pilates is the accumulation of a very long process and represents everything Noam has learned over his career as a dancer,choreographer and teacher.

Noam began studying the Pilates Method in 1987 and after an intensive 1600+ hours of training received his first teaching certification in 2003 from the The Pilates Center of Boulder Colorado, North America's leading Pilates teacher training programme. Noam's years of experience in the Pilates Method, combined with his experience in dance performing, teaching movement and choreography, prompted him to found Beyond Pilates in Vancouver, Canada in 2005...



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