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Joshua continued to persevere despite the challenges in 2020 and recently received his certification from Equinox Pilates teacher training program and we want to congratulate him and wish him great success. Joshua is based in Brooklyn, NY and is a multi talented artist and teacher with great enthusiasm and he shares his love of the Pilates method with his Equinox team and their clients.

In one of your Instagram posts celebrating your certification, you mentioned that "Not only was my training halted, I had nowhere to practice on my studio work." Please describe the events that transpired that helped you to overcome this obstacle.

During the 2020 Lockdown, gyms in New York were forced to shut down, completely halting any opportunity to continue my Pilates certification. For months I wondered when businesses would reopen but still facing the harsh reality that gyms would be one of the very last. Sadly, our country is still rounding the bend on understanding the deep connection between physical fitness and mental health. Thankfully Carrie Samper, the director of Pilates Education at EQUINOX created an online platform for us to continue our learning with weekly mat and reformer classes. All classes encouraged students to actively participate via zoom. The learning continued, where there is a will there is always a way. Thank you, Carrie Samper, for your continued dedication to the educational approach to Pilates. This also prepared me for going back into the studio and working with clients, socially distant teaching, and even teaching without touching. Thank you, Equinox.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next few years as a certified instructor?

I am happy to announce that I am now a Pilates Instructor for Obé Fitness. A digital streaming app that for a monthly membership fee offers classes from Pilates, yoga, barre, to HIIT. This is only the beginning of my Pilates Journey. GET OUTSIDE OF THE PILATES STUDIO! THERE IS AN ENTIRE WORLD, GO OUT THERE AND INTRODUCE YOURSELF. I refuse to wait on someone to enter the studio to continue my teaching journey. I plan to continue to Broaden the approach and appeal to Pilates. I use instagram (@joshuakeith1) to post weekly fun mat based videos that encourage movement. I created JKPILATES as a way to share and connect a much younger audience to help continue the legacy of Pilates. I plan to bring Pilates to Public Schools and Universities. Pilates for many years has been a workout that seemingly appeals to a very specific audience, and most Pilates studios are located in more affluent communities. Pilates has not reached the demand of yoga and barre, and in my opinion for a very specific reason. Pilates is not accessible. I plan to change that, I want to make Pilates accessible for all people. No matter where you live, or where you’re from. I also plan to bring Pilates to BROADWAY! So many dancers love Pilates, but can’t afford it. Let’s change that. I also plan to offer an annual teaching certification training scholarship as Gratz offered to me. Two to three people a year will have the opportunity to become fully certified Pilates instructors. All expenses covered.

Many instructors and small-business owners are continuing to experience long-term effects and other challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic. How would you like to see the Pilates industry grow as a community moving forward?

The Pilates community MUST BECOME MORE INCLUSIVE. The world is growing, and if we’ve learned nothing from 2020, WE MUST DIVIRSIFY OUR TEAMS, OUR STUDIOS, OUR INSTRUCTORS, AND EVEN OUR APPROACH TO TEACHING. We must always be students, and less instructors. Learn to LISTEN. Listen to the heartbeat of the country, and let it lead you. Often instructors love to share their thoughts to new instructors and what they can do to improve their teaching ability. I think the times have changed, I think Most instructors should be LISTENING! Learn where the business is going, and who better to learn that from than millennials right? While sharing, be sure to listen. Each new day brings new and innovative ideas. If Pilates is as helpful as we say it is, then the studio cannot be the only place to find the practice.

We Grow by LEARNING, and getting involved in our communities. I encourage all Pilates studios to start offering FREE Weekly classes, or donation-based classes. It is a great way to get involved in your community, and a great way to generate foot traffic in your studio. Offer outdoor mat classes, and pay attention to who shows up regularly. Offer that person a scholarship. Get them certified and post certification, you have a brand-new instructor who will uphold the legacy of your business and brand. GET OUTSIDE THE STUDIO IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE!

What is one of your favorite Gratz apparatus to work out on?

I absolutely love the Gratz Reformer. I love the weight of the springs, it requires great physical strength to operate.

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