This Past Weekend...

we conquered Module 2. The amount of information was overwhelming and I initially thought, "How will I do this?" Then I took a deep breath, counted down from 10 and started again. I knew immediately that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Challenged, Pushed, Motivated, Critiqued, Vulnerable, Humbling, Yet GOING FOR IT!

I looked at the reformer, I was immediately reminded of its magic and wonders it provides for the body. I remembered the feeling it gave me for the first time, and from there came strength! Anytime there was an opportunity to instruct or demonstrate I was always a body willing to be used. This Module has taught me the importance of Vulnerability and a true realization that we start our journeys exactly where we are. It's perfectly ok for me to Diveu In and simply GO FOR IT! I am so honored by this opportunity, and the push it's given me to dig even deeper within. Here's to 100 hours, A Reformer, And a Cadillac.

Joshua Keith

Equinox Scholarship Winner

Joshua Keith: 2019 Equinox Scholarship Winner

I will train with EQUINOX’s and New York City’s Master Instructors for an entire year! WOW! Post Completion of 450 hours of training and Comprehensive Exams and I will begin instructing my own classes and transforming the body's dependencies on addictive medications and debilitating injuries to the magic and modern day practice of PILATES. The practice that not only heals, but strengthens your body holistically.My goal is to give back to the New York theater community and serve as a health coach to those in need, with or without quality health insurance.I will document my one year journey on my social media, so get ready! I am truly a believer in the #Healing And #Transformative Power Of Pilates, and I am #Honored to start this #Journey.Thank you to Gratz_Pilates Alexia P. Hammonds Equinox, the Gratz family,and most of all for blessing me to be a blessing to the world through the POWER OF Pilates!

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