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Image courtesy of Laura B. Grant

Our Gratz gallery image this month features Laura Browning Grant from Raleigh, North Carolina who is well known as “Laura B” to many in the Pilates community. She is a skilled classical Pilates teacher and advocate. Her recent focus has been as a caregiver for her husband Jon who was a Navy Seal but sadly was injured in a car accident a few years ago.

Laura B. Grant is pictured doing hip circles on the Gratz Spine Corrector. Using this apparatus for hip circles encourages a deep c-curve and strong abdominal connection. We are looking forward to visiting Laura and her husband Jon at their home in Raleigh, North Carolina in April. Stay tuned for the special projects we have on board with Laura B. Grant in 2019!


About Laura B. Grant

I believe that all movement is beautiful and each individual’s body moves uniquely. Joseph Pilates understood this concept and, with that wisdom, developed movements that can make positive changes in an individual’s body using a combination of appropriate breath patterns and muscle articulation.

For me, Pilates focuses on teaching movements in ways that address an individual’s needs and abilities. The Pilates Method teaches an individual appropriate movements by giving them guidance and variations in each movement that maximize the benefit to their body.


Laura B. Grant | Laura B Pilates

Location: Please contact Laura B directly for exact address

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