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Nina Narejko on Gratz Archive Reformer


"Horseback on the reformer: This exercise challenges the body in a different way because it's more about what is not moving than what is moving. If the body is not perfectly coordinated and balanced, this exercise will not work.... One reason why I love this exercise is because it'll always allow me to check in with myself to ensure my strength and control come from the right place."

About Nina Narejko

Growing up in an active and athletic family, Nina has always had a love for fitness and sports. Nina was first introduced to Pilates at the age of 16. Being instructed to Pilates at such an early age she had the opportunity to meet and observe the teaching of the late and great Pilates instructor Romana Kryzanowska. After years of experiencing the business side of Pilates and practicing the methods herself, she decided it was time to become certified. Nina received her certification through Romana’s Pilates in 2011 and is a 3rd generation instructor with a training lineage stemming directly from the founder of Pilates, Joseph Pilates.

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