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Veronica Ruiz Wunda Chair

"PUSH UP. I like to prepare the handstand with this push up on the Wunda chair. It is a good way to give confidence to the client before being completely head down!"

veronica ruize handstand ladder barrel

"Build strong foundation with the upper back. Pull the abdomen inside and up. Reach with your feet to the sky! Can you see in this position the elevation of Leg springs in the air?"

Teaser on Studio Wall Unit Veronica Ruiz

"TEASER. Rise in one piece from the center. Use the push through bar to reach and stabilize the lower back."

Veronica Ruiz Leg Series on Gratz Studio Wall Unit

"LEG SERIES IN THE AIR. Use the resistance of the springs and the push of the hands to generate an energetic line. Let's fly!"

About Veronica Ruiz

Veronica Ruiz is the owner and director of Pilates Studio Ambassador in Valencia. She earned her degree in Psychology at the University of Valencia and became a Pilates Instructor after completing the "Teachers' Proficiency Pilates Program" in Bareclona. 

Veronica Ruiz | Pilates Ambassador
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