Nathalie Clough Wunda Chair

SWAN DIVE on the Gratz Wunda Chair

"This exercise really helps me find length and flow. It helps challenge and improve my mat work as it encourages the body to be one piece and stay connected, which is so important in the exercise. 
Also this exercise is so helpful to prep clients before teaching them breaststroke on the Reformer."

About Nathalie Clough

Following a slipped disc aged 15, I discovered Pilates as a form of rehabilitation.

I have since dedicated my time to delving into the Pilates method and teaching others how essential it is to the fundamental workings of our bodies. With over 15 years’ experience and 10 years of teaching as a qualified mat work, full apparatus, classical and contemporary instructor (with additional qualifications in antenatal as well as children), I have firmly cemented myself as one of the industry’s elite Pilates instructors and movement specialists.

Teaching 1:1 clients and small group classes from my exclusive, private home studio, I have become the ‘go-to’ specialist, for both rehabilitation and recovery and strengthening and conditioning. My passion to help people to become stronger and more in tune with their bodies through the method of Pilates has gained me the privilege of working with some of the industry’s leading pioneers, as well as extending my education to study with Second Generation

Nathalie Clough
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