Gratz Gallery | Miguel Silva doing the Snake & Twist - Side Band Variation on the on the Archive Reformer

Image courtesy of Miguel Silva. Photo by Jorge Leal


"Working with the Gratz Archive Reformer, you will have the feeling of getting the maximum benefit of each exercise, a precise and accurate feedback in each movement, the details of shoulder blocks, foot bar, angle of the springs, carriage will make your workout even better and you will see the difference on your clients!" - Miguel Silva


About Miguel Silva
Born in the city of Porto, Portugal, Miguel da Silva inherited early age his father’s taste for physical activity. He practiced many sports including handball, basketball, football, volleyball, cycling, squash swimming, surfing. All this interest in varied physical activity, led him to the conclusion that - "everyone has a different body and different needs" During his two years in the UK, Miguel started the practice of Yoga, increasing his interests in the body with an entirely different concept from his regular fitness regime.

When back in Portugal, Miguel began his studies in Alternative Medicine, specializing in Shiatsu, Japanese massage technique and made is first contact with Pilates, then later settled in Seville, Spain, perfecting both technique. Miguel suffered from back pain due to his posture and muscle tightness, which limited the practice his favourite sport, surfing. Through the practice of Pilates, he has improved his surfing and practically eliminated the consistent pain in his lower back and gave him flexibility. With his curiosity of the Pilates Method and its depth, this then led to several courses and workshops. He then met, Fabien Menegon (Romana Kryzanowska's lineage), of the Spanish School of Authentic Pilates, and successfully completed his training with flying colours. Following this, Fabien invited him to be part of the Spanish School of Authentic Pilates training program and help him to expand the brand. Miguel is very passionate about Pilates, a respected member of the industry, owner of The Uno Pilates Studio - Co-founder and teacher of Uno Pilates Method Presenter in several conferences around the world, Teacher at, following the dream to share the work of “Joe” Pilates! “I wanna give quality training to all those who wish to dedicate to this amazing method.” Miguel was one of 12 selected global level to enter the highly regarded graduated program “The Work” at the Vintage Pilates studio, under the mentorship of Jay Grimes himself.


New Studio Info And Location:
Uno Pilates Studio - “The Lab” - led by Miguel Silva is located in this wild paradise of the Vicentina coast, surrounded by sea and mountains, privileged by the sun. A place where nature expresses itself, an unparalleled experience that your body and mind will thank and not forget. "The Lab" is the first research, development and education center at European and international level to preserve excellence in teaching the Pilates method! A cutting-edge center where new research on the method is shared through education and other international meetings with other professionals of the highest level.


Miguel Silva | Uno Pilates Studio - “The Lab”

Location: Aldeia da Almádena - 8600-102 LUZ LGS - Lagos, Portugal

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