Gratz Gallery | Miguel Jorge Junio performing the Snake Twist on the Universal Reformer

Image courtesy of Miguel Jorge Junior


"The Snake Twist is a deep rotation of the spine initiated from the hips all the way up to the crown. Keeping the chest open and the upper back lifted is of extreme importance to guarantee the two way stretch while twisting. In Pilates, returning to the starting position is as important as the exercise itself. Thus closing the carriage completely through the lift of your center will assure a strong rotation of the waist." - Miguel Jorge Junior, owner of PILATISTIC Old School Pilates Studio and director of PILATISTIC Teachers' Proficiency Pilates Program


About Miguel Jorge Junior
Miguel Jorge has a wide background in sports, such as judo, soccer, surf and water polo. He holds a degree in Physical Education from the Santa Cecilia dos Banderantes University, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After post-graduating in Sport Training in the same faculty, he became an associate professor of Masculine Rhythmical Gymnastics. Following the years as a college teacher, he competes in the discipline of Gymnastic Aerobics. In 1991 and 1992, he gained the Silver medal in the Brazilian Aerobic Championship. As a coach, in 1996, Miguel’s athletes won Gold medal in the European Aerobic Championship in Helsinki, Finland. The same year, his team repeated first place in the World Aerobic Championship in Orlando, U.S.A. During this period, Miguel worked in Fitness Conferences in Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, and Korea. Later, he moves to Spain, where he owns a gymnasium in Barcelona, called Studio Olympia. In search of the best teachers, Miguel travels to Brazil and the US to study the Classical Pilates. From 2004-2010, Miguel is teacher of teachers for the Pilates Certification Program at Orthos Barcelona. Always interested in learning more, he decides to travel to Los Angeles and later to New York and study with world-renowned teachers Jay Grimes and Kathryn Ross-Nash. Miguel is a graduate of The Work and holds a certificate of the Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Training The Red Thread ®. Co-owner of PILATISTIC Old School Pilates and co-director of the master for instructors PILATISTIC Teachers' Proficiency Pilates Program, Miguel still travels and studies with the best teachers of Traditional Pilates because he believes in the importance of learning more every day. Miguel has co-written the article Accomplished Man of Excellence, published in Peter Fiasca's book VOICES II: The Men's Work, an inspiring collection of essays written by renowned Pilates Classical teachers from around the world.


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September 2014

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