Gratz Gallery | Marian Tarín performing the High Bridge on One Leg on the Universal Reformer

Image courtesy of Marian Tarín


"The High Bridge is a complete extension of the front body: a fully arched spine, with an indispensable opening of the chest and hips. When performed on the Reformer, lifting the body off the carriage demands a lot more from the upper and lower back due to the higher position of hands on shoulder blocks and feet on footbar, as opposed to on the Mat, where hands, feet and spine are lined up in the starting position. To add an extra challenge, the One Leg variation not only defies the alignment and balance of the body but also makes its much more fun!" - Marian Tarín, owner of PILATISTIC Old School Pilates Studio and director of PILATISTIC Teachers' Proficiency Pilates Program


About Marian Tarín
Marian Tarín graduated in Journalism from the International University of Catalonia, has traveled to Brazil and the USA to train and learn with some of the best Pilates Classical teachers. Her multiple certifications include the apprenticeship with world-renowned teacher Jay Grimes, in Vintage Pilates, Los Angeles, California. Marian not only has completed The Work, but Jay chooses her for the Master Teaching the Work, a highly selective program where she was able to continue improving her skills and developing her own style as a teacher. Marian is honored to be one of the 17 instructors in the entire world who has completed this exclusive training. In addition, Marian’s outstanding curriculum includes the master Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Training The Red Thread ®, in New York, directed by the world-renowned Kathryn Ross-Nash. Marian is co-owner of PILATISTIC Old School Pilates Studio and co-director of the PILATISTIC Teachers' Proficiency Pilates Program. Among her various collaborations, Marian has co-written the article Accomplished Man of Excellence, published in Peter Fiasca's book VOICES II: The Men's Work, an inspiring collection of essays written by renowned Pilates Classical teachers from around the world. In addition, Marian has been interviewed by PILATES STYLE, the Pilates magazine with the greatest global impact.


Pilatistic Old School Pilates

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September 2014

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