Gratz Gallery | Gloria Gasperi performing the Side-Sit Up exercise on the Ladder Barrel

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"Ladder Barrel is my favorite apparatus. The perfect curve is the same shape as the spine corrector. Anybody can perfectly fit on it. The curve allows the spine to find the perfect length, giving support and working it’s Gratz magic.

I am performing the final stretch of the Side Sit-Up. The ladder supports the legs. While bottom leg is long and stretched, the other leg is bent with the knee open to allow space through the hip. The upper body is long and reaches sideways and comes up, using the barrel to support and lengthen the body in a two-way stretch. At the end you can reach your upper leg and give yourself a deep, long stretch like I am doing in the pic." - Gloria Gasperi


About Gloria Gasperi
I met Pilates for the first time in 1999 in Boston. I used to teach fitness and sports and, being there on vacation, I decided to try a mat class. I couldn’t understand immediately, but from the very first time, I felt something special in this work, a special connection, and a great desire to understand more! At the time, I couldn’t find a Classical Pilates school in Italy, so I started studying with Peak in Holland. I completed my path by receiving a Comprehensive Certification in Boston with Clare Dunphy, founder and instructor of Progressive Bodyworks.

My Pilates life reached a new level 5 years ago when I began studying with Jay Grimes and Sandy Shimoda at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles. I love Jay’s philosophy on The Work. He says, “You can’t teach Pilates. You can only guide people to find it in their own body.” Well, Jay is really unique in that and he has total respect for The Work Joe Pilates himself taught him! Sandy is an amazing teacher and leader to guide a great place where everybody can go and experience the original Work!

I have completed their selective program called “The Work” and I’m currently attending “Teaching The Work”. For this special program, Jay personally selects 12 people from all over the world and teaches them Joe’s philosophy and method. I am honored and glad to be part of this lucky group with my amazing colleagues.

I have a degree in Movement Sciences and I always find it incredible how all the things I’ve studied perfectly match my own body’s experience in Pilates. Pilates is more than gymnastics to me. It’s really a magical experience that changes your body, your mind, and elevates your spirit. When I am teaching, I pass down all my passion, experience, and respect for the original, universal work. I always focus on giving something special to anyone in front of me.


Gloria Gasperi | Studio Pilates


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