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Ladder Barrel | Horseback
"This is the 'horseback' exercise. It is for finding and deepening the c-curve, engaging the powerhouse, and strengthening the glutes and inner thighs. What makes it like real horse riding is that you need to use your bottom rather than just the quads. Do you think which one is harder, real horse riding or horseback? I still can’t find the answer yet!"

About Gabi Kim

About Gabi Kim

Gabi Kim is a level 4 teacher trainer of Romana’s pilates in Seoul, Korea. Gabi pilates studio is pleased to be a training center for Romana’s pilates.Director Gabi kim has trained by Trish Garland (Romana’s pilates level 2 teacher trainer and CA region director)in LA from 2012 to 2014. Since she got certified, Gabi follows around Cynthia lochard(level 1 grand master of Romana’s pilates) to learn more whenever she gets a chance.

Gabi started Pilates with Gratz and never used other equipment(when she was in Hong Kong, someone offered her to teach with another equipment but she had to turn down because the depth of work was totally different) but she is very aware of difference what Gratz makes. She started her Pilates journey with Gratz and has been always so proud of it. She worked for Ocean pilates in Santa Monica, LA, Classic pilates body in Brentwood, LA. Then moved to Hong Kong due to her husband’s job in 2015 and started teaching at the American club in Tai tam and she had her own fully Gratz equipped studio in HK for 3 years.

In 2017 finally she moved back to Seoul where she was born and opened Gabi pilates studio in Cheongdam, Seoul. After three years of successful business we moved to current location. She is very honored to be promoted as level 4 teach trainer in 2021.

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