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Photographed are Cara Waller, RPI Instructor Level 5 certified 2013, Cassandra Kralik, RPI Instructor Level 5 certified 2017, & Laney Abernethy RPI Instructor and Teacher Trainer Level 3 certified 2000.

Gratz Reformer and Pedi Pole | Chest Expansion

This photo shows how the Gratz equipment is used as a system in Romana’s Pilates. You can teach the exercises on various apparatus, depending on what is best for the body.  

Chest expansion is necessary to open the chest, strengthen the upper back, and work on the breath despite the apparatus being used. On the Gratz Reformer, chest expansion requires strength, control, and balance as the apparatus moves because of your movement. The stablization comes from the powerhouse, beginning with the inner thighs and zipping up to the abdomen.  On the Gratz Pedi Pole, chest expansion requires much more centering to control the springs and stabilize the pole, creating minimal movement of the apparatus, only intending for the springs to move.  


About Laney Abernethy

Laney is a Romana’s Pilates Instructor, certified in 2000.  In 2001, she opened Pilates Body Shaping in Charlotte, NC.  Soon after, she was asked directly by Romana Kryznaowska (protégé of Joseph Pilates) to become a Level III, Senior Teacher Trainer. Laney teaches clients, instructors, and apprentices of all levels and ages.

Laney continues to work with Grandmaster and Master Instructors such as Sari Mejia-Santo, Juanita Lopez, Cynthia Lochard, Marjorie Oron, Cynthia Shipley, Anthony Rabara, and Roxane Richards-Huang, among others.  She feels honored to be able to bring many of these Instructors to Pilates Body Shaping, which is the NC Teacher Training Center for Romana’s Pilates International.

About Cara Waller

Cara Waller, Level 5 RPI Instructor, teaches with the other RPI certified instructors at PIlates Body Shaping.  She continues to learn and further her practice and teaching from other RPI Leveled Instructors such as Sari Mejia-Santos, Juanita Lopez, Anthony Rabara, Cynthia Shipley, and Roxanne Richards-Huang.



Pilates Body Shaping
1940 E 8th St, Charlotte, NC
United States, North Carolina


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