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I feel like a playful artist: curious and committed, silly yet intentional. Classical Pilates is a rich system, offering clarity, structure and ample room for creativity and growth.


About Brooke Bergdahl
Our Pilates practice gives us something to lean into throughout seasons of change, leaving ourselves and then returning home to ourselves. Chinese Medicine is like this, too. It’s an art—a healing art that connects our bodies to our emotions and our spirit. A philosophy that is a guide for the ongoing journey of self-becoming. 

I recently made the big decision to close my studio, Clasique Acupuncture & Pilates Studio, in downtown Asheville NC. A challenging decision in that I love the studio and the moments we have shared. However, I’m called away from owning and operating a big studio space and am excited at the freedom this will allow me in actually diving deeper into the work itself. I have expanding CoreSelf as my whole business brand and am mentoring Pilates instructors online, which allows us to be together from anywhere in the world! The days are full with teaching and sharing both online and in person, and I’m excited to be growing my work with professional athletes, specifically women of the WNBA.

It truly is a practice to remain both strong and flexible as a creative entrepreneur. Pilates and acupuncture are both my personal practices for remembering who I am in the present moment, how I show up and share all that I know and love, and ways I can allow myself the freedom to keep learning and growing. There is a season to everything it’s true. And I’m feeling super present for this one.


Brooke Bergdahl
Classical Pilates Teacher Trainer
Licensed Acupuncturist
CoreSelf ~ Online
Return ~ Pilates Education & Mentoring for Pilates Instructors


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