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January 2021 | Tallinn, Estonia

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“In life no matter what task that was put before me I always strived for excellence and perfection. Gratz quality and design has greatly enhanced my goal in achieving and delivering nothing but the best for both my clients and the goals that we set forth together. In my humble opinion I truly believe that there is no substitute when dealing with the entire Gratz Team and for those reasons coupled with the quality and precision of their equipment I consider Gratz to be the GO TO Vendor for all things Pilates."

- Peter Napoliello - Owner & Instructor
Body by Peter Classical Pilates Studio



At Body by Peter we believe in a holistic approach to Pilates training incorporating Mind, Body and Spirit. The Studio offers a “Scared Space” where the client can come and feel completely comfortable and at ease escaping the outside world. We offer a relaxing Lounge area, a fully stocked kitchen, a large private changing area with Dry Sauna and all complementary Facial hygiene and cleansing products. The client can experience all of these amenities while having their body changing goals set and met in building strength, developing a toned and slender body with a flat abdomen (Core, Powerhouse) all geared for correct posture, flexibility, agility and full range of motion. Through our strength and conditioning training the client quickly develops muscular endurance, balance control, power and the ability to perform difficult tasks that apply to all sports and lifestyle functions.

For over 30 years and while initially living and working in Los Angeles as a High Level Executive in the Entertainment Industry Peter achieved a smooth transition to The Pilates Training Business drawing many famous Entertainment clients including name celebrities, musicians, actors, models and professional athletes to his home studio in Malibu, Ca. where his training logo and motto was "Changing Bodies and Re-Arranging Minds". He now has a second residence in Eastern Europe where his exclusive client roster includes World Class Professional and Olympic Athletes, Ballet Dancers as well as the General Public and Physically Challenged clientele with workouts designed for spine conditions and all types of physical injuries and handicaps.

Further expanding his reach and taking a page directly from Joe Pilates Peter is an ex Boxer who also trains Military Personnel, Professional Boxers, Muay Thai and K1 Kick Boxers in both Pilates and Fighting Technique.  




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Our Pilates training includes well over 500 exercises performed on the mat and exclusively on Gratz manufactured equipment designed and engineered by Joseph Pilates himself. Our Full Service Studio apparatus includes The Classic Cadillac, Universal Reformers, Wunda Chairs, Electric Chair, Pedi Pole,  various Ladder Barrels as well as other barrels and accessories enabling the client to experience the full effect of The Body By Peter Training Technique while staying true and without straying from the signature Pilates Method created by Joseph Pilates.

About Peter Napoliello

 About Peter Napoliello

Founder and Owner

Peter found his passion for Pilates as a client training for a medical condition which for him the results where so miraculous that he likes to say he "Got Religion". The passion grew and soon after he made the commitment to become a Full time Pilates Instructor becoming certified by Romana Kyzanowska (World renowned Master of the Art & Protege of Joseph Pilates) and her Daughter Sari Majia Santos (Level 1 Master Teacher).

Peter has appeared on numerous television shows, publicized in countless journals and magazine articles and is a highly regarded "in demand" World Class professional trainer with exceptional motivational skills. He has taught extensively for years throughout the USA and Europe.


Body By Peter Classical Pilates
Pärnu maantee 6-3,
Tallinn, Estonia


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