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Push Up Device (Pair)

$ 450.00

About the Push Up Device

Sold in a set of 2, our Push Up Device significantly increases your range of motion during each repetition, allowing you to strengthen muscles more efficiently and in a shorter period of time. Those with sensitive wrists will especially benefit from this device, as it takes pressure off of the joint and allows the body to maintain neutral positioning.

Made of galvanized steel, the base of each device sits firmly on the floor and provides a strong, solid foundation. Ergonomically designed wooden handles also fit easily in the hand to deliver a more comfortable and sustainable exercise experience. Take your pushups to an extraordinary new level by allowing this Push Up Device to increase the significance of every repetition.

Lead Time For This Product

Due to high volume of orders we are receiving, our current lead time for this product ranges from 8 - 9 weeks. All orders are custom made in the order they are received.