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Pedi Pole

$ 470.00


About the Pedi Pole



Authentically crafted in accordance to Joseph Pilates’ design, our Pedi Pole is a simple yet intuitive device that increases strength and improves the balance of all who use it. On this apparatus, included handles securely attach to a pair of high-grade springs to allow for a variety of resistance-based exercises. The vertical pole - which is attached to the small wooden platform - is also meant to mimic the user’s spine, challenging them to maintain proper alignment through the entirety of each exercise.




Designed to accommodate users of all heights and experience levels, this device features multiple handle options for additional convenience. When used correctly, this carefully crafted piece of equipment lengthens the spine while simultaneously strengthening important muscle groups. This carefully constructed Pedi Pole Apparatus encourages control of the upper and lower body while maintaining a long, straight spine and a stable center.


- Length: 18" Width: 18" Height: 84"

Options and Enhancements

- Aluminum & Wood or Leather & Wood handles available.
- Sheepskin Handle Covers sold separately.

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Lead Time For This Product

Due to high volume of orders we are receiving, our current lead time for this product ranges from 12-13 weeks. All orders are custom made in the order they are received.


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