International Pilates Conference of 2024!

When: May 24th - May 26th, 2024
Where: The Norwegian School of Sports Science
Phone: +47 997 08 786

“Moving in the System to search the Heart and Soul of Pilates. It was once called Contrology.”

Once upon a time there was Contrology, an incredible exercise system beneficial for every body. People never stopped moving and used different apparatuses. The treasure they discovered was joy and strenght through efficient movement. Constantly moving to strenghten their center and lift their backs in two directions. Yes, the gem of an exercise system is now called Pilates after the man who invented the method. 

Join us for a 3-day conference to discover the depth and layers of the Pilates System; Contrology. Andrea Maida, Ken Krech and Debbie Young all train with and worked alongside First Generation Teacher Jay Grimes. They all participated in the inaugural program Teaching The Work at Vintage Pilates.  WE ARE LUCKY! they are coming to share their knowledge with us.

Each day starts with a Master Class on the mat and is included in the price. It is possible to book a single Master Class.

Privates available with all teachers at a first come first serve practice.

Pricing and terms:

Price NOK 7850,-

Registration is binding and we have a no-refund policy.

Sponsored by Pilatesology

There is a small Hotel close to the School of Sports Science who offers a special price for participants at the conference. *Let them know you are at the Conference withThe Pilates School of Oslo when booking.

There are plenty of AirBnbs and other hotels in Oslo if you prefer to stay elsewhere.

Send an e-mail to register