Romana's International Continuing Education with Guest Master Teacher Trainers

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April 13th 2024 @ The Teacher Trainer Center for North Carolina
Location: 1940 E 8th St Charlotte, NC 28204
Website: Pilates Body Shaping Website
Phone: 704-965-2252


Featuring Sari Mejia Santo

Sari is a world renowned Grandmaster Instructor Trainer Level 1 for Romana’s Pilates International. Next to her mother Romana Kryzanowska, she is the most acclaimed Pilates instructor of true Pilates. Sari worked directly with Joe and Clara Pilates. Sari also shares her mother’s life long passion for teaching others the original true Pilates method. After being introduced to Pilates through her alignment, Sari required a talent for it. She was young when she came to the US and started to work at the Pilates studio with the guidance of Uncle Joe and Clara, and taught the method at her mothers side consistently since she was in her teens. Sari splits her time at True Pilates NY, as well as Romana’s Pilates home studio. She has and continues to travel all over the world teaching instructors and clients in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and some German! She is now coming to Charlotte to share her knowledge and wisdom of Romana’s Pilates.

CPE- Saturday, April 13th, 2024 9am-4pm (for RPI Instructors only)


Cynthia Shipley is a Romana’s Pilates Level X Instructor (Senior Master Instructor Trainer), from NYC, and a former dancer. It was through The Dance Theatre of Harlem that Cynthia was  introduced to, and found a passion for, Pilates. Cynthia was taught by the very best – Joseph Pilates’ protege Romana Kryzanowska and Romana’s daughter, Sari Mejia Santos. Cynthia has achieved the title of Master Teacher Trainer through her talent and dedication to the method. Cynthia has over 30 years of teaching experience in dance and Pilates. She is responsible for introducing, training and mentoring apprentices throughout the Pilates certification

Limited Lessons- Friday, April 12th (contact PBS for availability)


Pilates Body Shaping opened in Charlotte, NC in September, 2001.  It is set in the heart of the Elizabeth Neighborhood near uptown Charlotte.  Owner/Director, Laney Abernethy was certified a year prior by Romana Kryzanowska.  In addition to her studies with Romana, Laney has studied with Sari Mejia-Santo, Juanita Lopez, Cynthia Lochard, Marjorie Oron, and many other widely respected teachers in the Classical Pilates world.  When the Romana’s Pilates Teacher Training program was first established, Laney was hand-picked by Romana to open the training certification center in North Carolina.

Over 22 years later, the studio has been fortunate enough to host numerous workshops, seminars, and continuing education for Romana’s Pilates. Pilates Body Shaping is the preferred studio in Charlotte to train Olympic swimmers, professional athletes and dancers, in addition to maintaining a clientele of dedicated, long-standing students.  To this day, Pilates Body Shaping is the only Teacher Trainer Center in North Carolina.