Lauren Stephen Presents: Exploration of the Principles of Pilates at June Hines

June hine


Date: Sunday May 7th 2-3:30pm
Where: 1132 Dixon Lane Rydal, PA
*Zoom option available*

Phone: (215) 576-8261

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In this workshop you'll learn how to sweat and focus with flow. Pilates mat work was designed to be a continuous flow of exercises to challenge every part of the body, while keeping your mind connected to your body.

Concentration, Flow and Precision are three of the six Principles Joseph Pilates developed as the heart of his Contrology program. They are meant to be applied to all aspects of apparatus and mat work.

Part 1 of this workshop, we will explore and apply these Principles to the Intermediate & Advanced Mat work.

Expand and deepen your understanding of the Principles of Pilates and how they apply to and enhance your workout. Also hone your ability to focus and sustain that focus, increase the efficiency of your workout to gain more profound and transformative results and finally maximize the overall personal benefit of your Pilates program.

In Studio/Live Zoom

Recording is also available upon request.

Fee $50