My Body, My World

Written by Jennifer DeLuca


My Body, My World by Jennifer DeLuca | BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium


Relationships are tricky. Friendships, courtships, co-working relationships all require thought and energy if you want them to go well. Recently, I had an epiphany that I am in a relationship with my body, and I am slacking. My schedule is a bunch of half-assed attempts to maybe get a class in. This is not a relationship that I feel good about.

What kind of relationship do you have with your body? Are you committed and kind? Are you abusive? Think about how you treat your friends, lovers, spouses, kids or your pets. Are you as good to your body as you are to them? Are you as good to your body as you are to the guy behind the counter at the deli? You might take your kids, partner or dog out to do something that will be fun, inspiring, challenging or motivating. Do you do that for your body?!

I’m coming clean. I have been a total commitment phobe in 2017! But, I’m about to change that. I am making a commitment to my body. I am going to pay attention to it, and I am going to make time to nurture it. I already took the first step which was looking at my calendar and blocking out 3 times in each week that are devoted to my body—just as I reserve time to cook meals for my family or plan for my clients. My relationship to my body has to come first. This is a relationship that I will never get out of until I die. I want it to be fantastic and fulfilling.

Our bodies are an agent of wellness. When we support and strengthen ourselves through focused physical energy, there are no words to get in the way. Exercise creates a cascade of biological and chemical changes that make us more calm, more focused, enhance our sleep and rid us of pain. What we see in the mirror can change how we interact everywhere. If we show up and commit our bodies to the effort, the benefits in mind and spirit come—that’s it. From our efforts, we will be happier, healthier, more focused and more relaxed. We bring that into all of the other relationships we have in our lives.

Specific to Pilates is the way the equipment holds us and guides us. It simultaneously asks for our efforts and shows us a path. The Pilates Mat is acrobatic and uplifting. It challenges our strength and equilibrium while simultaneously massaging and calming us through the pressure of the floor. Pilates can take me as I am, any day. It takes strong me, injured me, whimsical me and serious me. It can be intense or gentle. I can strengthen my fingers and toes and everything in between. If the relationship I am cultivating is between me and my body, Pilates is the perfect outlet for our relationship to thrive. But bring it all on in 2018! I am already making plans to hit the dance floor ;)

It’s time to be the best life partner your body could ever wish for. I'm sharing my motto for 2018. Plan, show up, thrive.


To Your Health!




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