About #PFU

Owner of Core Love Culture (CLC), Nicole Smith Alvarez, shares that CLC was manifested out of positive energy and the burning desire to create a stronger Pilates community here in Philadelphia.

From all corners of the world we are blending a community that is bringing Pilates enthusiasts, instructors and studio owners independently together to create one amazingly united industry.

Pilates Friends United came about in February 2019 when a group of Pilates instructors came together for an afternoon of an invigorating workout and mingling over a well deserved meal.

CLC’s storefront location @ 2064 E Lehigh Ave is in the heart of one of Philly’s fast-changing neighborhoods. After hosting Pilates Friends United #5 (in a pop-up location), Nicole realized the need for the community to have its own Pilates space. She envisioned a communal space where her and her colleagues could both teach and learn from each other.


>> What started off as a pop up gathering #pfu is now accessible all over the world!

"The silver lining of this lock down has been taking from teachers I would probably only get to learn from in a conference or if I made the effort to seek out local studios when traveling. Trembling. Definitely learned some new variations. And I have new awareness of how playing bass has contorted me in ways that are throwing new challenges into all of the things I used to do with ease as a younger teacher. So, I’m also HUMBLED. Loved every second. Y’all need to know about #pilatesfriendsunited!!!" - JUAN ESTRADA


On August 16th, Nicole Smith, Michelle Leach, and Tela Anderson got together to teach Mat classes via zoom. Help support the community by participating in the online classes! Find out the next dates at...

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