me and Joe - I.C. "Chuck" Rappaport

This is me: I.C. “ChuckRapoport, on Joseph Pilates “Bednasium” being instructed on the proper form for  a modified “Breathing/Hundred” movement by Joe himself. October, 1961

Joseph Pilates and Chuck Rappaport
I.C. Rapoport has had two overlapping exciting careers. He studied photography at Ohio University, then, after working as an assistant to a famous Brides fashion photographer, struck out on his own as a freelance photojournalist. His photos have appeared in Life, Paris-Match, Saturday Evening Post, TIME, Newsweek, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and other national magazines. His exclusive photographs of exercise guru Joseph Pilates are now famous in the fitness arena.
As the picture magazines began to die out he made an almost (emphasis on almost) seamless switch to writing scripts for movies-of-the-week and then worked several years as a Writer/Producer on hit series, "Law & Order," "Profiler" and "Veritas: The Quest." Rapoport was on the staff of "Law & Order" when it won the Emmy for Best Dramatic Series, he was nominated for a Writers Guild Outstanding Dramatic Writing Award and he received the 1997 Edgar Allen Poe Mystery Writers Award.
Chuck Rapoport is a sought after speaker at fitness and Pilates conferences and in-studio intensives to tell of his beginnings as a photojournalist and the serendipity of his having been assigned, quite by chance, to illustrate Robert Wernick’s Sports Illustrated article on The Man Behind Contrology.  His recall of the events of that day are at times spot on and informative.