Romana Kryzanowska

The biography of Romana Kryzanowska titled Love All Around is dedicated to telling the story of Romana’s life, along with the lives of Joseph Pilates and George Balanchine. The story begins with Romana’s family history from her father’s Polish and Ukrainian ancestry to her mother’s upbringing in the United States. The journey of the Kryzanowsky family is told in parallel with the struggles of Joseph Pilates and George Balanchine as they left their families for the promise of a new life in America.

The saga continues with previously unknown facts about Romana’s upbringing in Detroit, Puerto Rico (yes, Puerto Rico), and New York.In November 1942 Romana wrote that she had begun to work out three times a week at a gymnasium to “strengthen my ankles and breathing.” This was the moment when she began her lifelong practice of the Pilates method. She was 19 years old when she was introduced to Pilates, on the recommendation of Balanchine, as the result of an injured ankle.

While Romana’s relationships with Joseph Pilates and George Balanchine are central to the work that she did for the Pilates community, her relationships with the rest of her family are equally important. The remainder of her biography Love All Around details the influence that her many aunts and uncles,cousins, her husband and children, and friends had in her life. It is through these people that we learnhow and why Romana was destined to live such a rich and colorful life.

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