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September 2019 | Freericton, New Brunswick, Canada



“We use Gratz as the equipment of choice for our clients. We know we can get the most out of their bodies, and thus, their investment in Authentic Pilates and our studio.

- Cara Hazelton - Owner & Instructor
Precision Pilates




At Precision Pilates we believe strongly in Joseph Pilates' original teaching.  Precision Pilates exclusively offers the Authentic Pilates Method.  We are the only fully equipped Authentic Pilates studio east of Montreal. Our Senior teachers offer a minimum of 1200 hours of teacher training, while our teachers have more than 800 hours of training each. Not only have we watched our own bodies transform, heal, learn, and thrive with this great method, we have also watched our clients do the same. 





The Pilates Apparatus in our studio is the only brand ever used by Joe Pilates. Gratz Apparatus is second to none, and we proudly use and teach everyday using it.

Joe Pilates was known for giving the Mat work as homework for his clients.  His focus in the studio was on the use of the apparatus to aid in proper alignment and movement patterns. The springs on the apparatus provide feedback that both challenges and helps, providing resistance and support to the body in all exercises.


Precision Pilates caters to everyone, with lessons ranging from completely new to the advanced client we have something for everyone. And since Pilates is for every body, there is really no excuse. We love our clients, and the proof is in their work.

About Cara Hazelton (owner/senior teacher)

Cara, the studio owner and senior teacher, is grateful to have learned from many great Pilates teachers in her nearly 15 years in the industry. In addition to her original training with Clare Dunphy and Pam Garcia in Boston she has attended more than ten Authentic Pilates Conferences in the last seven years, most recently returning from Sicily and the Palermo Pilates Symposium in June 2019.  She has taken private lessons and workshops with Jay Grimes, Brooke Siler, Dorothee Vandewall, Inelia Garcia, Anthony Rabara, Gloria Gasperi, Chris Robinson, Cary Regan, Dan Agren, Kathi Ross-Nash, Dana Santi, Peter Fiasca, Sean Gallager, Murat Burkin, and others. 

Cara’s Pilates expertise is met equally by continued education in the field of human movement. Cara is working on a Masters of Science in Exercise and Sport Science (MScESS) in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick. Cara hopes to work with government and private organizations to help reduce pressure on the current medical system by advocating for better use of allied health professionals and exercise programs.

“I have been an athlete since I was a child and continue to live a very active lifestyle including running, cycling, skiing, hiking, and of course lots of Pilates.  I never dreamed I would make my career and passion from teaching health and good movement to people.  

I completed a Business Administration Degree in 2001 and was on my way to a job in another field.  I won National and international awards in entrepreneurship before having children, and then settled down to a slower paced career. 

Slower didn’t last long and by the time my daughter was one year old I was teaching Pilates and growing my business. I cannot imagine my life without my wonderful teachers and clients!

I love time with my family, laughing hysterically, knitting, good food, craft beer, red wine, and any chance I can get to go outside. 

Oh yeah - I. do. not. like. spiders.”

Carol Illsley (senior teacher)

I teach Pilates because I believe in the Method and know from personal experience the incredible things it can do for the body. I was born and raised in Ottawa (grew up with the Trudeau kids!) I have lived in Manitoba, Alberta and now I call New Brunswick home. 

When not at the studio you'll most likely find me listening to music or my favourite Canadian poet, Gordon Downie with my hubby Barry I am grateful for all of the people I've had the good fortune to meet through Pilates. Especially my best friend, Cara.  (awww!) bodies and minds of her students.

Lynne West (senior teacher)

"If at the age of 30, you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If at 60, you are supple and strong, then you are young." Joseph Pilates

I am working on becoming young!! I can attest to the works! As well as Pilates I love St. Marten in February and the Saint John River on a sailboat in summer.

I love to read, cook, walk, and play with my grandchildren and grand nieces and nephews. I'd like to see the Boston Bruins win another Stanley Cup (or two). I hope I'm able to enjoy Pilates for years to come.

With the influx of customers signing up for classes at MB Studio Pilates, and with the strong demand in private classes, a new instructor was hired. Alizée, an athlete in swimming and trail, started to take Pilates classes to improve her skills. She soon trained to become a certified Pilates teacher. She learned classical method from Michaela and her experiences allows her to better understand her students and thus respond to their different needs.

Sandrine Corbin (Senior teacher)

I served for 14 years as a Mechanical Engineer for the Royal Canadian Navy before deciding I needed a change. Physical fitness has always been important for me: I was a gymnast and now enjoy swimming, running, rock-climbing, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding.

I started taking Pilates lessons and classes with Cara in June 2013 and quickly realized the benefits of the method. I felt better after each workout and found relief from the lower back pain I had felt since my teen years. I am passionate about Pilates and am happy to be teaching it as my second career. Fully bilingual, I can also teach lessons in French as well.

Megan Woodworth (Junior teacher)

After an extended maternity leave, I am looking forward to getting back into the studio to complete my apprenticeship and resume teaching this fall (2017) I've missed my Pilates family! When I'm not chasing my toddler,

I'm teaching at UNB and St. Thomas, writing, reading, drinking coffee, and making music with Dub Antenna and Sugarbomb.

Lindsay Brewer (Studio Manager/Junior Teacher)

After years and years of back problems, I found pilates!  It literally gave me my life back, so I did a 360, changed careers, went back to school and got myself certified.  I am now the Studio Manager here at Precision Pilates because I believe in it that much!  I move with so much more ease, that even though I am turning 40 this year, I feel younger than I have in years. 

When I am not in the studio, I am spend like hanging out with my husband and two kids, camping and  just being outside. 

I love what pilates has done for me, and just hope to pass on that love to someone else.  

Nancy Ketch (Junior Teacher)

I have a static tremor disorder that makes some forms of exercising difficult. With Pilates I can work around my challenges and still practice at an advanced level. I believe that Pilates (to paraphrase Joe) can make change happen through movement and that movement can heal and strengthen your body and mind. 

I am a former Auditory-Verbal Therapist (teacher of deaf and hard of hearing children) and former Head Coach of the Fredericton Synchronized Swimming Team. Together I have almost 30 years of experience teaching and coaching. Now I am a teacher again…of Pilates. I love my job, ‘the method’ and being part of such a great team!

I am married to Hugh and I have three, not so young anymore, children. I am told I talk a lot and at least once a day, someone tells me ‘don’t overthink it’. That’s me.




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